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PTI SPECIALTY PAINT from Aircraft Spruce
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PTI has compiled the most frequently asked questions in PDF format, please take the time to look through the questions and their responses. You’ll discover the secrets to PTI Specialty Paint & Protective Coatings. These professional recommendations will help you achieve high quality, beauty, protection and performance for your personal aircraft.



Products Techiques, Inc. (PTI) was founded in 1947 specifically to serve the aviation industry. PTI has more than 60 years of experience in laboratory controlled formulation, testing, manufacturing and processing of advanced materials protection coatings. And, our products are listed in more than 50 major aerospace or defense contractor customer specifications and meet or exceed numerous DOD, MIL, MIS, FAA, ORD, Federal (TT) and customer specifications. When you use a PTI coating to protect and beautify your private aircraft, you are using the same products that the military, commercial airlines and aerospace companies have relied upon for years. It is said that “a company is known by the customers it keeps.” We are proud to include among our most valued, and tenured, aerospace and aviation customers such fine companies as:

• Raytheon • Hawker Pacific Aerospace • Lockheed/Martin • GE Caledonian • Boeing • Baker Oil and Tool • United Space Alliance • Aerojet • Sundstrand Aviation • GE Engine Services • Fiat Avio • Olympic Aviation • United Airlines



PTI manufactures every color from the 595C Federal Color Standard and customer color matching is available for flat, semi-gloss, gloss and metallic coatings at no extra charge. The color chart provided by aircraft is a fraction of what we can provide. For additional questions with regard to our color options please email


“With 58 years of experience, PTI’s specialty paint and protective coatings are featured in space, aerospace, and aviation projects throughout the world. Enjoy this advanced quality on your personal aircraft” - Steven D. Andrews, PTI President



PTI Paint Remover Green is a non-flammable fast acting paint remover that is formulated to easily lift most aircraft, automotive and marine coatings. This paint remover conforms to MIL-R-81294D TYI & II Class 2A. Due to its powerful and fast acting characteristics this remover is able to lift multiple layers with one application in minutes. Wash away action with water forms a foamy emulsion that gets cracks, seems, moldings and crevices clean. Paint Remover Green is very thick /viscous giving the product excellent clinging ability to horizontal and vertical surfaces. This product is considered hazardous under OSHA Regulations.


PTS-202 is a biodegradable peroxide based paint remover that is intended to remove the most resilient coatings from metal and composite surfaces. This is a stable paint remover that will not corrode the metal. PTS-202 works by breaking through the film of the paint and lifting the paint off in sheets instead of turning the paint to sludge. This remover is easy and safe to use as well as clean up. PTS-202 conforms to military specification TT-T-2918 and is formulated specifically to remove two component epoxy and polyurethane topcoats.



PTI’s Solvents & Reducers are specially formulated to compliment our paints, coatings and primers. PTI only sources virgin solvents for the manufacturing of all our materials. The solvents available through Aircraft Spruce are Acetone, MEK, Mineral Spirits, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, Toluene, Denatured Alcohol and VM&P Naphtha. Please refer to the Coating & Reducer Compatibility Reference Chart to view what reducers and solvents are acceptable to use with your chosen coating.



POLYKICK™ is an additive specifically formulated by Products Techniques Inc. for our Polyurethane top coats. This product speeds up dry times but does not affect the rate of a full chemical. Although formulated for use with our Polyurethane coatings, PolyKick™ will work with most two component polyurethane system. PTI NOPEEL PTI NoPeel™ additive is formulated to help epoxy and polyurethane topcoats flow to their maximum ability. This additive keeps the coating from “Orange Peel” and other surface defects that may occur due to surface tension. PTI NOPOP PTI NoPop™ Retarder is a specially formulated solvent that is not photochemically reactive. This product is used as an additive to slow down the dry time of fast drying paints and primer. During hot and dry temperatures, coatings have a tendency to “solvent pop” and/or “dry spray”, small air bubbles form at the surface of the paint or when the paint dries before it hits the substrate. Retarders keep the material “wet” allowing it to flow, dry, and cure as it should.



PTC-2001Cleaner/Degreaser is specifically formulated to be biodegradable, water dilutable and environmentally safe for use on aerospace equipment to include aircraft equipment, aircraft exteriors, aircraft equipment, aerospace ground equipment (AGE), AGE Engines and landing gear. PTC-2001 is the only product you need to remove hydraulic fluid, jet exhaust and other difficult to remove dirt and grime from aircraft. PTC-2001 is non-caustic and biodegradable. It doesn’t contain any solvents. It does not contain any HAPS. It exceeds all U.S., Japanese and European Community VOC standards. PTC-2001 meets the following specifications Boeing D6-17487 Rev P, Douglas Aircraft CSD No. 1 TYI, Mil –PRF 87937D Type II & Type IV, & AMS 1526B.


PTC-2002 TYII All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is a versatile cleaner for aircraft exterior and interiors. It is designed to clean and remove traffic film, hydraulic fluid, jet exhaust, oil and grime. PTC-2002 TYII APC does not contain harsh caustic ingredients or any solvents. It is a zero VOC product is biodegradable and exceeds all environmental regulations in the U.S., European Community and Japan. The APC uses a unique surfactant technology that cleans the surface, but does not emulsify the grease. This is important for use with water clarifiers and other water treatment equipment. PTC-2002 conforms with MIL-PRF-85570E TYII &TYII RTU. PTC-2003 TURBINE ENGINE GAS PATH CLEANER PTC-2003 PTI’s Turbine Engine Gas Path Cleaner is available as a concentrate or “ready to use”. This product has been formulated as an aqueous cleaner for “off-line” (crank wash) and “on-line” (fired wash) cleaning of turbine engines. This cleaner also works well when cleaning propellers and prop engines.



PTI’s Air Dry Wash Primer is a polyvinyl butyral zinc chromate formulation that may be used to prime all plain or plated metallic surfaces. Priming surfaces with this primer will ensure maximum adhesion of all bake or air-dry finish coats (including lacquer finish coats). The finely ground emulsions of zinc chromate pigment, resins and phosphoric acid hardeners are virtually non-settling. Once applied, PTI’s air dry wash primer requires no sanding. For the best results follow the instructions on the technical data sheet. This primer exceeds the performance standards specified in Department of Defense specification (DOD) 15328 and Military Specification MIL-8514.


PTI’s Epoxy Primer is a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy polyamide solvent primer which conforms to the military specification MIL-P-23377 Rev. E. This formulation has been tested by the U.S. Government and is on the Federal Government’s “Qualified Products List.” This coating is highly recommended for use on aluminum and all plated or unplated metallic surfaces to insure maximum protection against corrosion. This primer may be used as an interior or exterior primer that insures maximum adhesion of any paint or lacquer finish coats. In laboratory tests, PTI’s epoxy primer maintained its integrity when subjected to the following chemical and other resistance properties tests:


TI Water Reducible Epoxy Primer is chemical and solvent resistant. It is a TUF/FILM epoxy primer that conforms to MIL-PRF -85582D. It is especially recommended to inhibit corrosion of aluminum and other plated or unplated metallic surfaces. PTI Water Reducible Epoxy Primer is recommended for all PTI topcoats to provide maximum adhesion and corrosion protection.


PTI-573 Sandible Epoxy Primer is a low VOC two component epoxy based primer. Because PTI-573 is a high build sandible filler primer, capable of filling small holes and imperfections before top coating. PTI-573 provides a smooth, sandible base coat that improves the adhesion and appearance of the top coat. Because of PTI-573’s unique formula, this primer also provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. This sandible primer is compatible with PTI’s Enamel, Epoxy and Polyurethane top coats.


PTI’s Zinc Chromate Primer is formulated to exceed the performance standards in the Federal Specification TT-P-1757. This primer promotes maximum adhesion to bare aluminum and steel and is recommended for that purpose. PTI’s zinc chromate primer is a formulation proven to perform.


PTI’s Zinc Oxide Primer is formulated to exceed the performance standards in the Federal Specification TT-P-1757 (the chromate free version of that specification). This primer promotes maximum adhesion to bare aluminum and steel and is recommended for that purpose. PTI’s zinc oxide primer is formulated to provide a high performance primer that is considered a safer, more environmentally friendly, alternative to the zinc chromate primer. ZINC PHOSPHATE PRIMER PTI Zinc Phosphate is a general purpose, rust inhibiting, alkyd primer. It is intended for use over metals that are bare, scuffed, sanded, lightly rusted, and abrasive blasted and previously painted surfaces. This coating shows excellent anti-corrosion properties. The primer chemically etches into the surface to provide exceptional adhesion and durability. Although this primer is intended for metals, it may be applied to wood, composite and concrete surfaces.



PTI Engine Enamel is a heat resistant enamel aerosol. It is intended for use over metal surfaces and can withstand temperatures of 500°F . The Engine Enamel can be applied over bare, scuffed, sanded, abrasive blasted, primed and previously painted surfaces and shows excellent protection.


PTI Epoxy Propeller Coating is a general purpose epoxy aerosol. It is intended for use over metal and composite surfaces that are bare, scuffed, sanded, abrasive blasted, primed and previously painted surfaces while showing excellent protection.


PTI Wing Walk Top Coat is a non-slip coating used for walkways on exterior aircraft surfaces. PTI’s Wing Walk comes is a smooth texture (without grit) as TYPE I and a rough texture (with grit) as TYPE II. The Wing Walk is a unique formulation of high molecular urethane resins, which cures at ambient temperatures. This product is a high performance, two component polyurethane topcoat designed for exterior and interior use on high performance general aviation, business jet, and commercial aircraft.


PTI Polyurethane Series are high performance, two component polyurethane topcoats designed for exterior use on high performance general aviation, business jet, and commercial aircraft. This high performance coating is also used widely for industrial, oil & gas as well as original equipment manufacturing. PT-799 Polyurethane meets, and exceeds MIL-PRF-85285D Type I & II. These high performance coatings have excellent resistance to hydraulic jet fluid, fuel, crude oil, impact, salt and ultraviolet rays. PT-799 Polyurethane is extremely durable with excellent color and gloss retention.


PTI Enamels are high performance, single component enamel topcoats designed for interior or exterior use on high performance general aviation, business jet, and commercial aircraft. PTI Enamel meets, and exceeds TT-E-489G. These high performance coatings can be applied over wood, composite or metal surfaces. This product is available in bulk or in an aerosol can.


PTI Water Borne Polyurethane is a high performance, single component topcoat designed for interior use or touch up on exterior aircraft coatings. PTI Waterborne Polyurethane is an excellent coating to apply over both metal and composite substrates. This product is available in bulk and aerosol cans. The Water Borne Polyurethane meets and exceeds MIL-PRF-81352C TYIII.


PTI Epoxy Series are high performance, two component catalyst cure epoxy topcoats designed for interior and exterior use on high performance aviation/aerospace, industrial, and marine applications. PTI Epoxy meets, and exceeds MIL-PRF-22750E&F Type I as well as BMS 10-11V Type II. This high performance coating provides ultimate protection. These epoxy topcoats provide a high quality finish to metal, wood and most other materials capable of being coated and offer excellent chemical resistance properties.



Anti-Seize Grease is a silicone based grease with a high pigmentation of microfine molybdenum disulfide. It is heat stable and will not decompose or form a gum deposit. It is effective under light or medium bearing loads on steel to bronze, metal babbit, zinc, nylon, Teflon™ or hard-anodized aluminum surfaces. Anti-Seize grease is an EXTREME PRESSURE grease that protects from galling, seizing and fretting. Also this product is virtually waterproof which helps to provide excellent rust and /or corrosion protection. Normally it is suitable for operating temperatures of -65° F to +1000° F. This product is best used as a lubricant for threads, parts and gears that are exposed to excessive temperatures ranges.


oly Spray is unequaled as a lubricant for machine tools, plastic molding machines, paper and textile making equipment, oven mechanisms, and sheet metal & tube bending operations. It is highly recommended for use wherever pressures or temperatures are extreme, or environmental conditions render liquid lubricants undesirable. In field tests, Moly Spray has proven superior for widely diversified uses. It is outstanding in numerous industrial and military applications including aircraft & automobile mechanisms, sporting equipment, office machines, lathes, milling machines, planers, presses, chucks, arbors, bearings, universal joints and controls, and adjustments. Moly Spray is also effective in broaching cold swaging, drawing, stretching, forming, and press-fit operations.

Moly Spray excels as a lubricant, anti-galling, or separating agent on steel, steel alloys, cast iron, aluminum or aluminum alloys, copper alloys, lead and zinc alloys, titanium, wood, rubber, plastics, ceramics and glass.


Tooth Marking Grease is an Ester Based Oil with high pigmentation loading. Although the Tooth Marking Grease has the consistency of a thick paste, it may be thinned or thickened to meet your requirements. This product is formulated to be applied to gears. The Tooth Marking Grease is a “preventative maintenance” item which helps to not only lubricate your gears under extreme conditions but also to help identify when more lubrication is need before excessive friction causes degradation or shortening of the gear teeth occur.


Microfine Techlube is a Molydbenum Disolphide in a multi-polymer bake cure resin binder. This dry film lubricant is intended to be applied to equipment such as but not limited to steel, aluminum, magnesium, clutches, gears, shafts and other mechanical parts which function under extreme weathering and/or operating conditions.


Microfine Moly & Graphite Techlube is moly and graphite in a multi-polymer bake cure resin binder that will provide a durable, dry film coating with an extremely low coefficient of friction. This dry film lubricant is intended to be applied to equipment such as but not limited to steel, aluminum, magnesium, clutches, gears, shafts and other mechanical parts which function under extreme weathering and/or operating conditions. This product is perfect for applications that require a lubricated surface where greases will not work.



PTI FastDry™ Epoxy Adhesive is an incredibly strong, two component product that is able to bond most any building material. FastDry™ is easy to mix requiring a 1:1 mix ratio, and due to its smooth gel like characteristics, flows out to create a smooth surface while drying in 5 minutes. PTI FastDry™ in the perfect product for use as a structural adhesive and for quick repairs.