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The leading international pilot logbook built for the Apple platform. LogTen Pro is the electronic logbook of choice for tens of thousands of Mac pilots in nearly 200 countries, and in every major airline. Designed to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region, company so you can track exactly what you need.


  • Syncs seamlessly with iPad and iPhone versions (but not required - whether you purchase the Mac version or Universal iPad/iPhone version, your whole logbook travels with you!)
  • Data entry is quick and intuitive
  • Easily imports existing data and you can customize to your needs
  • Automatically tracks currency and duty limits
  • Harnesses all the power of Apple Smart Groups so you can slice and dice your data instantly to provide answers to any question about your flight time (great for insurance, flying clubs, interviews, etc.)
  • Tracks certificates, ratings, endorsements, medicals, expenses and flight reviews
  • Prints stunning reports and official logbooks, over 80 reports available out of the box or you can create your own!
  • Automatically calculates night time
  • Exports flights and trips right to your calendar
  • Automatically processes airline schedules
  • Visual limits lets you see at a glance if there's any issures with your schedule
  • Customer service second to none...
  • And a lot more

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What Pilots are saying....

"Thanks again for the great product - I simply do not know how I'd keep everything straight without you guys - Actually, I do know - it took me hours a month to make sure I wasn't illegal or going illegal for flights - now it's all at my fingertips. I had an FAA inspector on a few weeks ago and he asked me in flight how I knew I was "legal" to fly and I pulled out my iPhone and he smiled and said, "LogTen Pro?" and then "Well then I know I don't have to look at any of your stuff."
-Sean Crotty - DC-10, World Airways

"LogTen Pro 6 is incredible! The program is very powerful yet easy to use. Coradine Aviation has made logging time fun again!" - Brent Robbins, Pilot.

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