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Date: Monday - 12/22/2014
Part No: 13-05047


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Torgoen was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide similar enthusiasts with watches of uncompromising quality. In the cockpit, things happen quickly... a pilot depends on reliable instruments with clear markings and indexes for rapid and precise readings. All of these same standards are part of another cluster of pilots instruments: the Torgoen line of watches. Attainment of aviation standards comes as part of two major steps, Preparation and Production. At Torgoen, preparation includes precision engineering, careful attention to details of every component, and the best choice of materials. During and after production, Torgoen watches & components pass the most stringent quality control procedures. Experience the confidence that comes with using a fine instrument - a TORGOEN watch.

Torgoen's line of Flight Computer Watches can be used to calculate time, distance and speed equations. It also can perform a variety of calculations from currency conversions to multiplication and division problems. With the watch you can calculate any conversion of linear nature with a constant ratio such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers etc.
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