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Date: Sunday - 01/25/2015
Part No: 10-03633


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The Aerogizmos Pitot has several advantages over the standard pitot tube: it incorporates the mount and the tube in one convenient unit, making it no longer necessary to have a separate mount. This unit further enhances the building experience as there is no protruding mast from the wing if it is to be stored during the building process. The unit is made from a single piece of 6061 aluminum making it strong and long lasting. The unit has been lightened in the interest of weight savings.

The Aerogizmos Pitot Tube has a modern look, and has a polished finish. This is a very simple unit that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to mount. These qualities are true to the experimental aircraft theory of simplicity, quality and durability while incorporating a very modern look and a price that is less than that of a traditional pitot tube.

Not for IFR use.

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