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 Sponsorships - Jon Sharp & Team Nemesis

Jon Sharp & Team Nemesis
The 2007 race season proved to be a success for Team Nemesis with another Gold Championship in the Sport Class Division. In fact, this victory is Sharp's 13th Gold Championship in the 29 years of racing. Not only did Jon win in 2007, but he set 3 new race records in the process with the NemesisNXT. One in qualifying (386.9 mph), one in a heat race (384.7 mph) and finally, one in the Sport Class Gold Champion Race with a speed of 385.6 mph.

To put this in perspective, Sharp qualified faster than 13 Unlimited Racers and more than 100 mph faster than half of the Sport Class he competes with.

Team Nemesis has a history of success, but it isn't by chance. It all comes down to attention to detail, determination, an incredible team and great sponsors like Aircraft Spruce.

Chase the Dream...Not the Competition Nemesis Air Racing

For more information on the NXT kit aircraft and availability,
please contact:

Nemesis Air Racing
950 West Valle Del Oro
Del Oro, AZ 85737
520-219-3553 |

NXT Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 24 feet
  • Length: 23 feet
  • Weight: 1500lbs (empty)
  • Engine: Lycoming T10-540-NXT
  • Propeller: 3 blade Constant Speed
  • Fuel Quantity: 90 gallons (useable)

NXT Configuration:

  • Two Places, Side by Side
  • Tail Dragger
  • Low Wing
  • Main Gear Retract
  • Steerable Tailwheel
  • Side Stick Controls
  • Carbon Fiber Monocoque Const.
  • Permanently Attached Wing
  • Split Flaps

Aircraft Spruce is a major supplier of the NXT Components and is proud to have been a sponsor of Nemesis Air Racing since 1996.