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Part# 17-00236
MFR Model# W AX-40


This headset helps to ensure four important goals of today's airline communications:

  • safety
  • reliability
  • health protection
  • convenience

The hands of the pilot are completely free from any communication chores, thus ensuring full prompt response to all flight events. Thus, the headset contributes to flight safety. By being tightly, yet comfortably, positioned on the pilots head, above the ear, the headset allows to separate all important communications from cock­pit noise, thus contributing to flight reliability. Noisy cockpits produce fatigue and stress on pilots. The headset nearly eliminates this problem, thus contributing to the pilots health protection.

Comfort and conveniene are evident by a simple look at the headset.
The headset is characterized by:

  • AX40 — straight cord up to 5 feet long
  • Stirrup pivot assembly, such that cups can provide universal fit;
  • Comfortable, extra tick, headpad cushioning; — cushioned ear seals for the best possible noise attenuation and comfort;
  • Shielded cable for near perfect E.M.I./R.F.I. protection;
  • Corrosion-proof chrome plated steel; — parallel earphone wiring;— adjustable volume control;
  • 150 to 10,000 ohms compatibility;
  • Universal mike boom assembly for precise placement of microphone;
  • High performance, noise cancelling microphone.


  • 1. Extra thick ventilated cushion headpad for maximum comfort.
  • 2. Corrosion proof chrome plated steel in accordance with demanding government specifications
  • 3. Stirrup pivot assembly gives ear cups universal fit
  • 4. PU cord and plug configurations for specific aircraft
  • 5. Soft foam filled polyurethane ear seals for exceptional comfort and maximum attenuation
  • 6. Lock nut construction for customized fit. Set it once it fits you right every time.
  • 7. Earphones (300 ohms ea.) wired in parallel for safety and reliability. Earphones compatible with 150-1000 ohm systems
  • 8. Listen Volume Control allows you to adjust to a comfortable level
  • 9. Universal Boom allows microphone to be placed on the left or right side of mouth.
  • 10. Spring tension boom assembly for precise microphone placement
  • 11. High performance Noise Canceling Microphones
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