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Part# 13-14960
MFR Model# BE-GPS-1008


The Bad Elf GPS gets rave reviews from the most demanding customers in military, commercial, and private aviation. More and more blue water and freshwater marine enthusiasts have chosen the Bad Elf GPS for their adventures. Add a high performance GPS and voice guided turn-by-turn application with the included upgrade of the CoPilot street navigation app for your iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini.

Made for These Apple Devices:
  • iPad Air and iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display
  • iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5
  • iPod touch (5th generation)


  • Instantly add GPS & GLONASS location support to your iPad WiFi or iPod touch devices with Lightning Connector.
  • High performance 66 channel WAAS enabled GPS provides latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and GPS track.
  • Accurate to 2.5m (9 ft) up to 60,000 ft and 1,000 mph.
  • Quickly acquires satellite lock without cell tower assistance.
  • Hot start time in as little as 2 seconds.
  • Built in micro-USB port allows for pass through charging while in use.
  • No internet connection or monthly subscription required.
  • Includes free upgrade to CoPilot Premium for voice-guided turn by turn navigation support (United States maps only).


  • 2.5m (9 ft) positional accuracy with MTK chipset
  • 66 channel GPS & GLONASS Receiver
  • WAAS compatible, SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS support
  • Up to 10MHz sample rate
  • Lock times: 2s (hot), 15s (warm), 33s (cold)
  • Size: 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.25 / 28mm x 28mm x 7mm (WHD)
  • Weight: 0.3 oz / 8g - full package 3 oz / 85g

In The Box

  • Bad Elf GPS & GLONASS Receiver for Lightning Connector
  • 3 ft (1m) Micro-USB Cable for pass through Charging
  • Detachable Keychain Lanyard.
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This GPS plugin works great with my iPad mini 4. My mini 4 has no cellular so I needed a GPS plugin. I also plug it into my iPhone 7. This is handy when I forget my mini 4. The Bad elf can allow the mini 4 to charge in my plane while flying with its pass through port. Other wise my mini 4 runs out of battery after about 2 hours. I use a 5 watt charger plugged into the panel cigar lighter outlet. I use Bad elf with Foreflight software, works great.

David P
September 29, 2020

The Bad Elf GPS/GLONASS Receiver for Apple Lightning Connector is a very powerful device in a small package. It was well packed and simple to use. When I plugged it into my Apple Mini IV the GPS connect was fast and precise. I have yet to fly with it using ForeFlight, but drove around in the car for a bit to check on the performance, and was not disappointed. There is a small issue that I think needs mentioning. When I checked the charging flow through to my Ipad, it did not work. After some troubleshooting, I contacted Bad Elf via their web site problem resolution page, where you leave a comment asking for whatever you need. One of their engineers wrote back and the process of figuring out what the issue was commenced. After confirming there was an internal failure in the device to allow the charging, they replaced the Bad Elf. I am waiting on the replacement as I write this review. Okay, one important note that the user should know. The Bad Elf has three adjustable settings via the downloaded Bad Elf Application obtained from Apple. That setting has three different amp settings, depending on what type of device your Bad Elf is plugged into. For example, The IPhone has the lowest setting, then the second amp setting is for the Ipad mini, and the thirst amp setting is for the Ipad Air or Ipad Pro. Obviously, the bigger the device, the bigger the battery, which requires a greater amp load when charging. The Bad Elf comes with the default setting at the lower amp rating. So make sure you adjust this setting in the application before you connect your supplied USB charger to the Bad Elf. Overall, this was all very simple, but the instructions didnt highlight this element in the quick setup instruction. Bad Elf said they are working to clear that up. Otherwise, Bad Elf was very helpful with the troubleshooting and worked on getting my replacement shipped ASAP. NOTE: Make sure you keep a copy of the purchase receipt if you did not purchase through Bad Elf. I bought my Bad Elf GPS at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. Bottom line, highly recommend this device if you need a powerful GPS in the smallest form factor to perform in the cockpit up to 60,000 feet. Amazing little device!

Matthew J
March 10, 2017


Q: Is this GPS affected by the latest glitch with iOs8.3 where data does not go to ForeFlight?

According to Bad Elf the lightning connector version is not affected by IOS 8.3. They have informed us that only the older 30 pin style connector is inop with 8.3.

Q: Can the Bad Elf GPS / Glonass Receiver be used with an iPad mini 2 in an Apple smart case?

Yes, the Bad Elf will pair to any Apple Device running iOS.

Q: Is the the Bad Elf compatible for use with AirNav pro?

Yes, the Bad Elf GPS will work with any iOS app requiring a GPS signal.

Q: Will the Bad Elf GPS receiver for Apple Lightnight Connector operate on an android system?

No, Android devices do not have the lightning connection port as that is exclusive to Apple products. This product requires a direct device connection, so unfortunately, this product will only work on Apple devices running iOS.

Q: Will Bad Elf work with the latest generation iPad (6th) running 64bit on the A10 chipset? Want to use it with ForeFlight.

Yes, it will work with this iPad.

Q: Will Bad ELF GPS operate in the Southern hemisphere?

Yes, this provides GPS signal worldwide.

Q: Will this unit work with iPad mini 4?

Yes, the iPad Mini 4 uses the lightning connector. It is compatible with the Bad Elf.

Q: Will this unit work with an iPad Mini 5? Is it compatible with Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight?

Yes, this will provide GPS signal to the iPad Mini 5. It does work with Foreflight and Pilot.

Q: Works with jeppesen and ipad 5th gen?

Yes, it works with aviation apps that require a GPS signal. As long as the iPad is running iOS it will work.

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