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Flightcom™ Denali D50ANR Fixed-Wing

Flightcom's Denali is an extremely lightweight headset that offers exceptional performance and outstanding comfort. The Denali is engineered to fit unlike any other aviation headset, providing excellent passive and active noise attenuation, a secure and comfortable fit and extremely reliable performance.

Lightweight Comfort
At less than 14oz, this headset is the lightest ANR model available. Denali's ComLeather™ ear seals help abate noise and offer a comfortable fit. The sleek ear domes stay securely in place, reducing side force.

Sure Power System™ (SPS)
This ANR model also has SPS – a digital power management circuit. The SPS conserves battery life by shutting off the ANR circuit when not in use. Full passive performance is maintained when the ANR circuit is off.

Noise Reduction
ANR model achieves additional 18-20dB at certain key low frequencies.


  • Weight: 13.4 oz.
  • Color: Carbon Fiber look
  • Mic: Elliptical, noise-canceling electret; integral muff
  • Noise Reduction: Additional 18-20 dB at certain low frequencies
  • Power Source: ANR model: 9-volt drop in battery


This is my 2nd D50ANR. Great value for the $$. Light weight.....never had a hot spot. After a couple of years using the first, the mic broke off at the connection of the mic & the boom but I liked it enough to buy another.

Jd K
January 27, 2020

A good headset, The ANR works fine and it is comfortable for me when wearing glasses. Initial fit and finish is good and time will tell on how it stands up. Comparable to my older Lightspeed 15 XLC which is not made anymore with the exception of music input (available in another model ).

Ken T
November 10, 2017

works well in my application. Battery life seems short. The main reason for the down grade is Service Department. Were on week 4 since they received for repairs. Wont recommend because of Service.

Dan M
June 26, 2018

Good headset. Worth the money

March 3, 2018


Q: Is the Flightcom Denali D50 ANR headset a dual plug type headset?

The Denali D50 ANR headset is a dual plug type headset.

Q: Is the headset stereo or mono in radio mode? Can you listen to music in stereo and does it have a cell phone connection?

Per the manufacturer, the does not have cell or aux inputs but does have a Stereo /Mono switch. For cell phone and music inputs you'll need pn: 11-10817.