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Part# 11-09576


The new DRE-205e can be used as a portable intercom or permanently installed in the panel. Accessory inputs allow the unit to be connected to a suite of other devices, including engine monitors, collision avoidance equipment and other instruments with auditory alarms such as stall warnings and altimeter alerts.



  • Two place portable/built-in expandable intercom with outstanding, clean stereo sound
  • Individual squelch circuits and PTT jacks
  • Stuck mic warning (visual and audio alarm)
  • Automatic failsafe pilot communication to radio with loss of power to the intercom
  • Accessory inputs for Stall Warning, Altimeter Alert, Collision Avoidance & Engine Monitor, etc. (for built-in use)
  • Standard cell phone interface
  • No deterioration of sound as battery weakens
  • Powered by two 9V batteries
  • Auxiliary power input (on the side)
  • Automatically compatible with mono or stereo headsets or a mix
  • Optional mounting flanges allow installation in ultralights and LSA
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Additional features include Mil-Spec quality cabling, music input for MP3 players, CD, etc. and auto music muting with manual override.
  • No-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


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Works extremely well in my open cockpit , the best unit Ive found so far for dealing with that noise level after trying several brands. It fits well in my small space and controls are large enough to be used with a gloved hand. Also comes with the best and most complete instructions of any unit we tried.

Edwin R
August 30, 2019

Just got an update for an older model DRE. Other one worked but the power connection got worn and was loose. Also some added features on the new model.

Cheryl B
September 9, 2018

Works great. Replaced an older, but similar looking portable intercom in my 150 that output nothing but static. This one is crystal clear both pilot-to-passenger and pilot-to-ATC. Lots of great features with some excellent forethought put into the unit. I am most impressed with the owner's manual, though. It is written in an easy to understand parlance with the designer's personal name and email address at the end.

March 19, 2015

Appears to be well built. I like the battery box-like slots, makes easy insertion and connection for the two 9 volt batteries. I have a Piper Cub it is a noisy environment, this intercom could not handle the amount of wind and engine noise. The intercom would not allow communication (just static) between the two occupants in the aircraft, whether doors and windows were open or closed. And, using the iPhone was impossible, I could hear the person on the other end of the phone call, but they could hear nothing but engine and wind noise. I have David Clark headsets with dual foam and leather glove on the microphones. If you have a noisy environment, this is not the intercom for you. August 2017

Kent F
August 12, 2017


Q: Is the cell input wired for stereo? Can I connect my iPhone to the cell input and listen to iTunes in stereo and also make phone calls.

Yes it is a stereo intercom. You will need a male 3.5mm three conductor to male 3.5mm four conductor cable for cell to work with your iPhone. Note there are three separate input one for music, recording out and phone so you cannot do all three or two with one device.

Q: Im interested in buying the DRE-205e intercom. Is there a manual available for download for the unit?

We have added both the Install Manual and the Operations Manual to the 'Documents' tab of this web page. Please download and review them there.

Q: Is the auxiliary power cord included with the Dre D-205E portable intercom unit?

No, the aux power cord is not included. Please use part # 11-09585 to order is separately.

Q: Will the auxiliary power cord for the DRE-205 replace the power cord on my DRE-201?

Per Headset Inc , the auxiliary power cord for the DRE-205 will not work with the DRE-201.

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