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Part# 11-14313
MFR Model# 010-12493-10


Installation Kit for the G5 Electronic Flight Instrument for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA).

Get everything needed to mount the G5 in a standard 3-1/8 inch instrument cutout. The G5 electronic flight instrument easily installs in aircraft panels up to 0.150-inch thick, using a captive, front-access 3/32-inch hex socket head screw.

In The Box

  • 1. Jk mount
  • 2. Label blank 4"X1"
  • 3. 9 pin connector kit
  • 4. 3 different poly bags
  • 5.Mounting rack
  • 6. Self locking nut plate
  • 7. 632 x 500 (3 screws)
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Promised Delivery date was spot on and arrived in excellent condition. Great Installation kit, The front mounting makes replacing your old gyro a snap and fits in the same or less space than before.

Tom O
December 14, 2020


Q: What is the pitch offset used for in the Garmin G5? can this instrument be used in a helicopter?

The Pitch attitude offset function allows the yellow aircraft symbol on the attitude indicator to be adjusted up or down much like the aircraft on a mechanical attitude indicator. The pitch attitude can be adjusted as much as 1 50. The pitch offset is synchronized between the G5 and the other displays in a G3X/G3X Touch system. This function can be disabled in configuration mode.

Per Garmin, it cannot be used in a certificated helicopter. In an experimental helicopter there are no limitations but, Garmin does have concerns with vibration and heading drift while hovering due to the unit having no internal magnetometer.

Q: What is included in the Garmin G5 install kit?

1. Jk mount
2. Label blank 4"X1"
3. 9 pin connector kit
4. 3 different poly bags
5. Mounting rack
6. Self locking nut plate
7. 632 x 500 (3 screws)

Q: Is the Garmin G5 connector kit prewired?

No. The connector in this kit is not prewired.

Q: Do you need this installation kit even if you are going to purchase the 4 FT harness with the G5?. I am assuming the connector does come with the 4 FT harness..

If you are purchasing the G5 experimental unit part number 11-14315 the installation kit will be included.

Q: Does this G5 installation kit include a back up battery? I need completes battery and installation kit.

No, this kit does not include the backup battery. The certified G5 EFIS, our part # 11-14579, includes the G5 instrument, the back up battery, the install kit, and the STC permission letter. The experimental G5, our part # 11-14312, the backup battery is not included and must be ordered separately under part # 11-14314.

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