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Part# 11-14250


The Mini is not a compromised instrument. It is a complete EFIS capable of synthetic vision, with a GPS navigator, and incorporating the same technology that made GRT famous for its high-integrity AHRS. It is completely suitable as the primary instrument in your panel or as a backup.

The Mini includes an electronic attitude source (AHRS) that is not dependent on GPS and/or air data. IFR certifiable altitude, vertical speed, and airspeed are boldly shown with tapes and smoothly rotating drum-style digital displays that instinctively convey value and trend. Internal or external GPS navigation and steering data is provided on the PFD, and the -X and -AP variations include highway-in-the sky guidance to any runway in the database. The addition of the external magnetometer adds heading and winds.

The primary flight display screen terrain showing relative height. In the upper left the autopilot/flight director mode is shown as synthetic approach to runway 35. The flight director is commanding a slight pitch down in the center of the screen. The airspeed and altimeter drums move smoothly and the high-contrast digits make them highly readable. Extending up from the runway is the way-point balloon.


  • Primary or Backup for Attitude / Heading / Track / Airspeed / Altitude / VSI
  • 1200 nit sun-readable display. Dimmable to less than 10 nits for night flying.
  • Highly readable airspeed/altimeter tapes and rotating drum-style digital display.
  • Free database updates for all US territory. Jeppesen databases available worldwide.
  • Simple installation. Power, ground and mount GPS antenna on your dash.
  • Incorporates a full AHRS solution that does not require GPS or air data to provide attitude data.
  • Provides automatic cross-checking of attitude data when connected to a GRT EFIS.
  • High accuracy pitot static sensors allows accurate airspeed readings to less than 20 mph, making the Mini suitable for any airplane, helicopter, or ultralight.
  • Includes voltmeter, true airspeed, slip ball, and more
  • Includes Trig TT22 transponder control head functions. Saves up to $500 over separate control head.
  • Fully functional from -10 to +160 F.
  • 9-30Vdc input power. 0.25 amps max (0.7 amps while charging).
  • Case CNC machined from aluminum billet.
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Q: About GRT Mini GA: 1. Includes remote magnetometer? 2. Includes Moving Map? 3. Nav/terrain data for Europe?

1. the magnetometer is optional on the Mini-GA. Refer to part number 11-14254. 2. A free continental US moving map is available on the manufacturers website. 3. Nav/Terrain data for Europe is only available thru Jeppesen subscription services.

Q: Can this Grand Rapids Mini-GA Portable EFIS be used in a certified aircraft?

THE MINI-GA qualifies as portable electronic device allowing installation in certified aircraft per PS-ACE-23-01-R1. The Mini-GA is not certified and cannot be used as a primary or back-up.

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