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Part# 11-03381
MFR Model# KMA0024-02


Push button simplicity puts complete, flexible audio control right at your fingertips with Bendix/King’s easy-to-use KMA 24. It is self-contained, all solid-tate and stands only 1.3 nches high in your Silver Crown stack. The “slant top” package tailors it for the top slot in your instrument panel.

The KMA 24 controls as many as three transceivers and six receivers, including the internal marker beacon receiver and its
automatically dimmed 3-light presentation.

The KMA 24 provides transceiver and receiver outputs to speaker or headphones or both. A separate isolation
amplifier for headphones maintains constant, noise-free volume levels, even when several receivers are monitored at once. Keying a mike mutes all receivers automatically
to eliminate feedback.

Two rows of alternate-action push buttons on the KMA 24 console control all receiver audio distribution functions. It has a built-in, crystal controlled, superheterodyne marker beacon
receiver with a three-light display. The complete TSO’d 3-light marker beacon receiver built into the KMA 24 gives you an accurate visual and aural signal when you pass over a 75 MHz beacon.

The KMA 24 is offered in four configurations

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  • Compact, fully solid-state unit containing pushbutton audio selector panel, speaker and headphone isoaltion amplifiers, and a marker beacon receiver
  • Styled to match with the other King Silver Crown units but can be integrated into any 500 ohm output audio system
  • Can handle as many three transceivers and six receivers
  • Models with different features and combinations of marker light presentation, AUTO, 2 COMMs, 2 NAVs, DME, ADF, HF, TEL selections (see table below)
  • Has two unswitched inputs for use as altimeter warning and telephone ringer
  • Has outputs for ramp hailer and passenger address or intercom
  • Seperate isolation amplifiers are provided for headphones and speaker to provide isolation even when the same source is selected
  • Three isolated 16 ohm resistors provided for transceiver speaker output loads


  • TSO Compliance:
  • Marker Beacon Receiver: TSO C35d,Class A
  • Audio Amplifier: TSO C50b
  • KMA 24H—Env. Cat. A2D1/A/KPS/XXXXXXB/AB/BZ/A
  • Weight: 1.7 lb. (0.77kg)
  • Physical Dimensions: Length behind panel: 6.8 in. (17.30 cm), Width: 6.25 in. (15.88 cm), Height: 1.3 in. (3.30 cm)
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Power Requirements (not including instruments lights): KMA 24 13.75v 27.5v, Idle current, mike switch on 110 ma 170 ma, Idle current, mike Less than Less than switch off 8 ma 16 ma, Max. operating current 1.9 a 1.9 a, KMA 24H Idle current 350 ma 500 ma, Max. operating current 1.8 a 1.8 a
  • Temperature Range: -20ºC to +55º with brief operation at +70ºC (KMA 24), -20ºC to +70ºC continuous (KMA 24H)
  • KMA 24 Input Impedance: 500 ohms
  • KMA 24H Input Impedance: 320 ohms
  • KMA 24: 40 db between inputs
  • KMA 24H: 60 db between inputs



Q: Does the Silver Crown KMA 24 have intercom?

No, it does not. The older King audio panels require an external intercom. If you want an audio panel with a built in intercom, you'll want to see the newer Garmin line of audio panels.

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