Silver Crown KX-155 NAV/COM - 14V Without Glideslope

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Part# 11-00868
MFR Model# KX0155-38


These high-quality, time-tested systems make "stay ahead" frequency pre-planning effortless.

Both the NAV and COMM frequency displays incorporate the popular "flip-flop" preselect feature. This function allows pilots to set up en route or approach frequency changeovers well in advance of the actual transition point of ATC handoff sequence, for true "stay ahead" flight management.

By selecting the NAV and COMM frequency in the "Standby" (STBY) display, pilots can "flip-flop" it into "active" status at the press of a button.

Large, self-dimming, microprocessor controlled readouts and solid-state electronic tuning provide fast, accurate selection of all 200 NAV and 760 COMM frequencies. Both the KX 155 and KX 165 feature a built-in 40-channel glideslope receiver. Both model are also available without the glideslope.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Weight: 5.30 lbs. (2.40 kg)
  • TSO: COMM Transmit: C37b (DO-157, Class 4)COMM Receiver: C38b (DO-156,Class and D), C38b (DO-156, Class A), 50 kHz SelectivityNAV Receiver: C40a (DO-153, Cat A and B), C36c (DO-131, Class D)
  • Width: 6.25 in. (15.88 cm)
  • Power Required: 14 VDC: Receive .7 A; Transmit 8.5 A / 28 VDC: Receive .4 A Transmit 6.0 A
  • Height: 2.05 in. (5.21 cm)
  • Length: 10.16 in. (25.81 cm) including connector



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Q: What is the Bendix King part number of the KX 155 NAV/COMM without GS? Is it new condition? Does price include the connector and tray?

The part number is KX0155-38. This is a new unit direct from Honeywell with unit rack and connector kit.

Q: Is the KX 155 a slide in replacement for a KX-145?

No, the KX 155 will not slide into a KX 145 as it will require a new installation.

Q: Does the Silver Crown KX-155 NAV /COM include the tray?

Yes, the tray is included.

Q: Does the Silver Crown KX155 Nav /Com slide into the older KX155 as a replacement?

Yes, the Silver Crown KX155 will slide in as a replacement for the older KX155.

Q: Is the model KX155 NAV/COM 14V capable new 8,33 spaces requirements frequencies? Is it shipped with a JAA form?

Per the manufacturer, No, only the KX165A has 8.33 spacing. It does not come with that form because it is TSO'd. An 8130 form can be requested upon order.

Q: Does the KX-155 have the ability to display Nav mode as shown in the picture?

Yes, it will have a section for com and a section for nav.

Q: I have a KX-155A installed in my experimental aircraft through a 28V transformer. Would installing a KX-155(14V) only require changing the power pins?

If the radio and the aircraft are at the same voltage, you simply need to have the wiring in the correct location.

Q: Is this units nav feature compatible with the Dynon HDX system?

No this will not interface with the Skyview system.