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With the anticipation of additional frequency allocations, Bendix/ King has designed the KY 96A and KY97A to operate on 760 frequencies from 118.00 MHz to 136.975 MHz. You can switch between active and standby frequencies. Simply tune the desired frequency into the standby window ("STBY") while monitoring the "USE" channel-when the time is right, simply push the frequency transfer button to transfer the standby frequency into the active window.

A remote switch may be installed as an additional means of providing the "flip-flop" function. Up to nine channels can be easily programmed by the pilot into the memory of the KY -96A or KY97A. The KY96A & KY97A remember displayed frequencies and stored frequencies without batteries or external hookup during power shutdown or in the event of a power interruption and have an easy-to-read, illuminated LCD display.

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Q: Is the KY 97A a plug and play replacement for the KY 197? In other words, is this unit compatible with the KY 197 mounting tray and connector? My KY 197 quit working.

No, the KY 97A and KY 197 use different trays.

Q: We are looking at p/n 11-02583 and we are wondering if KING KY-97A TRANSCEIVERS 14V comes with the tray, plug and installation wiring diagram?

No, please see part number 11-03850 for the KY-97A with install kit.

Q: Does the KY97A have a built-in intercom?

No, it does not.

Q: What is the part number for the recommended antenna for the KY-97A?

You are able to use the CI-121 com antenna, part number 11-17921.

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