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Part# 11-13798
MFR Model# 050-360-0200


PS Engineering has taken some of the technology from DSP based PMA450 and built a package that better suites the Homebuilder's needs for avionics. The user interface eliminates the need to open up the Pilot's Guide.

Bluetooth®, soft-key buttons and a graphics display makes the functionality of the functions easy. Check list of capabilities:
  • IntelliAudio® True Dimensional Sound provides listening to com radios at the same time
  • 4 - Place hi-fi stereo IntelliVox® Intercom with Soft Mute™
  • Bluetooth® enabled allowing up to two devices to be connected simultaneously
  • 3-Softkey User Interface with integrated Graphics Display
  • Monitor Mode allows automatic muting of non-primary radio
  • 3 - music mute modes: Mute On, Mute Off, Radio Mute
  • Volume control for Intercom, 2 Switched Inputs, Telephone, and all Music Inputs
  • Cellular telephone input with "DuTel™" telephone distribution and front panel control of telephone side tone
  • Digital aircraft radio recorder (IRS™)
  • USB Charging port provides up to 10 Watts of power for iPads, iPhones, and other Personal Digital Accessories. Auto-protection prevents electrical shorts from being an issue. The USB charger when senses a short, will automatically shut the USB port down. No fuses necessary.
  • Split mode for dual audio panel capability
  • 2 - Differential, hi-fidelity stereo music source inputs (no ground loop noise)
  • 3 - Isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew
  • 4 - unswitched inputs
  • Selectable music distribution for pilot, copilot and passengers
  • Selectable intercom mode with special "Alternate Intercom Mode"
  • 2-year Pro-Support Warranty
The PDA360EX was developed with some of the capabilities of the PMA450 in mind. The PDA360EX provides a practical set of functions most appropriate for the experimental aircraft builder. One of the things in common with its big brother, the PMA450, is the IntelliAudio®. This is an invention from the United States Air Force that brings to the pilot a new of being able to discern individual radios while they are playing at the same time.

A digital communications interface, IntelliAudio® places Com 1 and Com 2 audio in various positions within the stereo headset, making simultaneous radio signals sound as if they are coming from different locations. Com 1 and Com 2 audio can be placed in 9 unique positions, making it easier for the pilot to concentrate on the radio of choice while ignoring the radio of lesser importance at the time. For example, the pilot can choose to pay attention to ATC while ignoring ATIS, depending upon what is pertinent at the moment.

Access to the capabilities is accomplished through three soft-key buttons with an integrated graphics display. This human interface provides intuitive operation, nearly eliminating the need for an operator's manual.

The PDA360EX has IntelliVox® automatic VOX system, invented by PS Engineering in 1997. It provides both pilots and passengers with automatic intercom squelch control. By consensus of the GA community, IntelliVox® “works like magic” and eliminates the need for any manual adjustments to the intercom squelch.

A great amount of flexibility will be found to allow tailoring the operation for the pilot. From music distribution, volume control for just about every input, and ability to customizing the labeling of specialized switch input signals. What would a new audio panel be without Bluetooth®? The PDA360EX system provides the connection to entertainment and telephone devices. The graphics display will provide caller ID so the pilot knows if it is a call to be taken or no.

In addition to the traditional Nav 1 and Nav 2 audio capabilities, If there are additional inputs that can be labeled as switched inputs. The PDA360EX allows the pilot to customize the labeling of these switched inputs to show precisely what is being switched.

With the increased popularity of mobile personal electronic devices, such as tablets, PDAs, iPhones, and iPads, the PDA360EX has a built-in 10 Watt-USB charger. This system is always monitoring the output power consumption and will automatically temporarily disconnect if is sees a short.

The PDA360EX is plug-and-play with the GARMIN® GMA240 or the PMA5000EX so the time to replace an existing system is negligible, helping to further reduce the cost of upgrading.


  • Height: 1.3 in. (3.3 cm)
  • Width: 6.25 in. (16.9 cm)
  • Depth behind panel 7.15 in. (18.16 cm)
  • Weight:
    • PDA360EX Unit: 1.34 lb. (0.61 kg)
    • Rack with connectors: 0.51 lb. (0.24 kg)
    • Power Requirements (Including Internal Lighting):
      • Voltage: 11 to 33 VDC
      • Maximum Current: 3.5 Amp (Externally protected by a 5A pull-type breaker)


  • PS Engineering requires all units to be sold with custom harness in order to maintain factory warranty. Units sold without harness will receive no factory warranty. All PS Engineering orders with custom wire harness are build to order and require all questions to be filled out to process correctly. Any custom order not complete will cause delays. All custom harnesses are built to IPC-WHMA-A-620 standards via the manufacturer’s installation manual. Any additional comments or special requests may be noted in the Special Instructions field at checkout for review by the avionics team. For questions regarding custom harnesses for PS Engineering please email avionics@aircraftspruce.com or call us at 800-826-3160.
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It was a slide in replacement for my PMA 8000b. I upgraded to have Bluetooth. Was really easy to set up. Work well and now can enjoy bluetooth music in flight and have my foreflight alert from my ipad. and also my clearance by cell phone. Menu is really easy to navigate with the screen. No more special fonction. Just follow the screen menu. Audio is always perfect. I am at my 3rd ps engineering audio panel ( different aircraft). always impressive audio quality, ease of communication with passenger and co-pilot and nice music soft muting with radio communication.

Lan V
February 10, 2020

Slide-in replacement for my PMA 5000EX audio panel. Audio is crisp and clear. The IntelliAudio is very useful. No more trying to pick out the ASOS while its getting clobbered by transmissions on the main frequency. Bluetooth connected on first try and allows for clear communications over the cellphone while obtaining clearances, while simultaneously maintaining a connection to Foreflight for audio alerts. Menus are easy to use and understand - its really not necessary to read the manual to use this audio panel.

David F
March 10, 2018

Be advised that if you get this audio panel to install in your home-built project, you must also purchase a $400 harness from PS Engineering or it comes with NO WARRANTY! I did not notice this fine print until I purchased the audio panel, but thanks to Aircraft Spruces Awesome Customer Service, I was able to return the panel and get a Garmin GMA 245, which is similar price and features, but has no such restriction on the warranty.

John C
July 20, 2019


Q: Does the PDA360EX slide into the SL-15 tray with no modification or rewire to the airplane?

No, This unit will require a new installation.

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