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Part# 99-01284


The PMA450A raises the bar for audio control capabilities with a larger enhanced display and an easy to read white text on black Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED). Since it is bigger, the USB charging port has gotten smaller and more powerful.

The USB-C standard connector is non-gendered there is no up or down - making it very easy to connect in the cockpit. The power available also increases from 10 to 15 Watts.

Several configurability enhancements have been made. The Bluetooth® audio source is treated as a separate source, and the intercom capabilities have been added to make the already very capable audio panel even better.

The system comes standard with flightmate® for an internal digital recording system that allows the pilot to create custom audio alerts, create checklists, and acts as a continues loop recorder for primary radio receptions. With four discrete inputs, devices such as Sonalerts, engine instruments, or other devices that provide a discrete output when a preset condition has occurred, the pilot will hear in their own words the exact nature of the condition. The PMA450A has an optional PS Streamer™ Bluetooth® module - for streaming selectable cockpit audio signals that can include just the radios or everything the pilot hears, to a device such as a compatible video camera capturing the whole flight experience in sight and sound.


  • Com 1, Com 2, Nav 1, Nav 2 capability
  • IntelliAudio® provides dimensional sound for easy discernment of simultaneous radio sources
  • Volume Light Bar Indicate Various Volume Levels
  • 3 Customizable Switched inputs. Pilot creates custom labels to fit
  • specific aircraft equipment list.
  • 6-place hi-fi stereo intercom with limitless distribution capability and 3 music mute modes.
  • USB-C charger for portable devices including iPhones® or iPads®.
  • Adjustable Volume levels for Speaker, Music 1, 2, and Bluetooth® inputs, unswitched inputs and the optional Marker Beacon Receiver
  • Two hardwired Music inputs as well as Bluetooth® music
  • Audiophile intercom, aircraft radio and music fidelity. Extremely
  • quiet digital intercom system.
  • No computer programming required, front panel configurable.


Approval Basis: FAA TSO C139a, C35d, C71
Certification Documents: RTCA, Inc. DO-143, DO-160G, DO-214A,DO-178C, DO-254
Intercom: 6-place Stereo
Transmitter Selections: 4 (Com 1, Com 2, Com 1/2 Split,Bluetooth TEL)
Switched Receiver Inputs: 6 (Nav 1, Nav 2, MKR, AUX 1, AUX 2,AUX 3)
Portable Electronic Device Charging Port: +5.0 VDC, 15 Watts from USB-C connector
Unswitched Inputs: 4-configurable
Power Requirements: 11-33 VDC, 3.5 Amps
Audio Output Power: Speaker: 3 Watts (14V), 10 Watts (28V) Headphone: 35mW each headset, no clipping <1% distortion typical
Audio Frequency Response: +/- 3db, 300 Hz to 6000 KHz
Entertainment Frequency Response: +/- 3db, 20 Hz to 16 KHz
Music Inputs: 3 (independent and user configurable)
Weight: 1.5 lbs (with tray & installation kit)
Dimensions: Height: 1.3 in. (3.3cm) Width: 6.25 in. (16.9cm) Depth: 7.15 in. (18.16cm)
Environmental Qualifications: RTCA DO-160G
Temperature Range: Operating -20° to +55°C, Short Term Operating -40° to +70°
Altitude: 35,000 feet
Available Marker Receiver: 75 MHz, Crystal Controlled, receiverand indicator
External Marker Outputs: Lights and MM sense output



Q: Does the rack and connection have to be changed if you have a PS Engineering PM8000B or is it plug and play?

Yes, this is a plug and play replacement.

Q: Does the rack and connection have to be changed if you have a Garmin GMA350 or is it plug and play?

PER PS ENG - There is no re-wiring or no new installation required to replace the GMA 350 with the PMA 450A. Only the tray has to be changed, and the two 44-pin connectors are rotated and then screwed into the PMA 450A backplate.

Q: Is this PS Engineering PMA 450A Audio Panel 100% plug-and-play if you have a GMA 340 audio panel by Garmin?

PER PS ENG - This audio panel is plug n play with GARMINs GMA3 which makes upgrading as easy as 1-2-3. The existing wire harness and tray that is installed for the GMA340 is complete and there is nothing to add or change. Get all of the new capabilities by simply removing and replacing. A simple log book entry is all that is required.

Q: Does the PS Engineering PMA450A audio panel have plug and play capability with the PS Engineering PMA7000 series?

No, it is only a plug and play replacement for the PMA 8000 and the GMA 340.

Q: Regarding the PS ENG PMA450A 6 PLACE ENHANCED AUDIO PANEL WITH PS STREAMER 11-14503 ..... will that connect to a Garmin Virb 360 to record aircraft radios and intercom? With the virb360 connected can you also AT THE SAME time connect an IPHONE AND IPAD or how many Blue tooth devices can you connected at the same time?

Due to the streamer, this will allow two Bluetooth devices to be connected at the same time. One as an entertainment source and the other as a recording/camera source.