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Part# 11-10008
MFR Model# 1202573


This Retro-fit Installation Kit allows for easy retro-fitting of their range of Emergency Locator Transmitters in place of redundant 121.5MHz ELTs. The Retro-fit Installation Kit is designed for simpler, solderless installation of the Kannad Compact ELT and for the revolutionary Integra 406 GPS ELT, both of which are ideal for customers looking to replace their Ameri-King ELTs.

Kannad Aviation’s Compact ELT is robust and reliable, the perfect product for light aircraft users. The revolutionary new Integra ELT is a ground-breaking device and is the only 406MHz ELT in the world which contains both a complete internal GPS and an internal 406MHz transmitting antenna. Where permitted, no external antenna need be fitted, thus reducing installation costs. For installations where an external antenna is required, a full range of whip, rod and blade antennas is available to suit all aircraft types. With both the Compact and the Integra, the ELT’s RCP and internal buzzer are powered by the internal battery, meaning that no connection is made to the aircraft’s power supply, again reducing installation costs, as only a Minor Change Approval is required.

In The Box

Contains everything you need to ensure a simple swap-over. A Universal ELT Mounting Bracket, (with holes to match all previous ELTs), a Remote Control Panel, which matches the Ameri-King RCP, and cable interfaces to connect direct to the pre-existing cable connectors. No modifications or soldering are required, making installation a quick and easy process and a manual is provided for guidance. An RCP identification label is also included.

  • S1820513-25 - RC103 Remote Control Panel
  • S1820514-09 - DIN12 / RJ11 Adapter Cable
  • S1840502-02 - Universal Mounting Bracket
  • 0146734 - RJ11 Coupler
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Excellent ELT Upgrade kit for replacing AmeriKing ELT’s. Easy to install, simple, the new Kannad RCP103 FITS the existing AmeriKing Remote Control Panel cockpit bracket, and the Kannad Integra 406/121.5 MHz digital ELT’s are awesome! Make sure your existing aircraft ELT Antenna can handle both 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz signals. A comment - I have upgraded two airplanes now with the Amerifit kit. Check your existing RJ11 phone cord wires before Kannad ELT installation. One older airplane had a bad wire inside the existing RJ11 phone cord - the solution was to run a brand new RJ11 phone cord from ELT location to cockpit RCP location. Certainly NOT any fault of Kannad, - the RJ11 phone cord needs to be working properly to allow communication with the new Kannad RCP103 Remote Control Panel up in the cockpit - new Kannad RCP replacing the old AmeriKing RCP. Easy fix once we diagnosed that the EXISTING old AmeriKing RJ11 phone cord had a wiring failure. Most aircraft should be perfectly fine on their existing RJ11 phone cord to the old AmeriKing ELT... Outstanding KANNAD ELT Product. Well thought out and EASY Installation...

November 8, 2019


Q: Is this Kannad Ameriking Retro Fit Install Kit all I need to buy if I have an existing Ameri-King ELT?

No, this is the adapter you will need when buying a new Kannad ELT. This will allow you to keep your existing Ameri-king harness but you will need to install the new ELT, ELT switch and new antenna.

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