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VHF antennas are stainless steel. Insulators are made of Delrin, which resists extreme cold or high temperatures and is non-breakable. Antennas are available in straight and 45 or 90 angles. 118136 mHz range, Weight: 3 oz., Not FAA approved.


  • Strip Coax cable, and wrap the copper coax wire around the metal at the bottom of the antenna base between the two delron nuts. Tighten the nuts down on the wire.
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Antenna is very simple and effective with easy installation on aluminum fuselage. Cost is much lower than antennas for certified planes.

Bob H
September 10, 2018

Tested today, works good reception, need to get a fitting for the bnc connection

William T
August 8, 2019


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Q: Is the Stainless VHF Antenna a comm ant? Does vhf mean comm also. I need one for a kit plane radio. The radio is a dynon.

The Stainless VHF Antenna for homebuilts is a Non-FAA approved comm antenna and will work when properly connected to a 118136 mHz range comm Radio.

Q: What is the length of the 90 degree antenna from the 90 degree bend to the tip?

The length of 11-00648 is approximately 19-1/2".

Q: What is the connector on the homebuilt antennas? A BNC or a stud?

This antenna is attached to the coax cable using two delron nuts.

Q: Is there any ground plane required for this antenna?

Yes, the height of the antenna should be the diameter of the ground plane.

Q: What is the diameter of the whip antenna?

The diameter is 5mm

Q: What are the heights of these antennas above the ground plane? Also, please clarify how they are mounted.

Please review the installation section on the webpage. These are mounted on the bottom of the plane and they are roughly about 4 inches tall.

Q: What is the length of 11-04516? Does it come with the coax cable?

No it does not come with a coax cable. The length is 22 inches.

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