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Part# 11-15474
MFR Model# RX0002A


If you’re a pilot, chances are good that you’ve heard about ADS-B. You probably know that an ADS-B receiver can make flying safer and more efficient by providing real-time weather, traffic, TFRs, and other flight data directly to your iFly 720, 740 and all WiFi enabled tablets and phones! You probably also know that most of the ADS-B receivers on the market are quite expensive.

Stratux RXWX is shipped fully assembled; just power it up and fly.

Subscription-Free In-Flight Weather
Stratux RXWX receives continuous, free weather updates from ADS-B ground stations. In-flight weather gives you a huge edge in aeronautical decision making by providing you with a near real-time view of conditions in your area and across the nation.

Current weather products include:
  • NEXRAD radar
  • METARs
  • TAFs
  • Winds / Temps Aloft
  • PIREPs
Additionally, ADS-B’s FIS-B service also gives you:
  • TFRs
  • NOTAMs
  • SUA (Special Use Airspace) activity
  • Future enhancements to the ADS-B weather system are expected to add lightning, turbulence, icing, cloud tops, and AWOS.
ADS-B Traffic

Stratux RXWX is a dual-band (UAT and 1090-ES) system, which means it can receive traffic information from all available ADS-B traffic sources including FAA ground towers (TIS-B and ADS-R) and aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out.

In The Box

  • Dual Band ADS-B SDR's (978 & 1090)
  • AHRS Chip - Drives Autopilot & Synthetic Vision
  • Internal Stratux GPYes GPS (No more floppy GPS puck getting in the way)
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Works exactly as expected. Great price and fast shipping. I would highly recommend.

Kyle D
October 6, 2019

Works great, can’t beat the price!

Marvin B
September 20, 2019

Easy to use and connect. Works very well.

Cris C
September 13, 2019

Poor 978 reception and no 1090 reception at all. Even at major international airport received zero 1090 signals. 978 weather too slow to be usable and traffic was intermittent. No reply to support request weeks after submitting.

Kevin P
August 26, 2019

Arrived quickly and was exactly what we were looking for.

August 16, 2019

Superb device does exactly what the description says. Absolutely rock solid WAAS GPS. AHRS does not exactly track the Vaccuum gyro but is acceptable as a backup. Form factor is a bit clunky - I do not like the need for fan or the external antennas however it never overheats and the ADSB sensitivity is proven line of sight for all targets. I have used this unit in flight now for over 100 hours. I did have an issue with the logs filling up and stopping the unit but a SD card upgrade fixed that. I did attempt to upgrade to a slimmer more expensive device however the Stratux performance proved unbeatable and went back to this device.

Jonathan S
July 23, 2019

Forgot to mention previously.... There is NO power ON / OFF switch in this unit’s Box.... just the plug receptical. you will want to go on Amazon and find a USB standard to the mini USB that has a switch in line. Be sure to get the higher rated 2 amp capacity, as the units cooling fan will consume a fair amount of power. I have this into a installed USB port in AC. If you are going fully portable, see the iFly web site, as they have a nifty battery with a 110 volt plug that folds flat in battery.

March 12, 2019

If you plan to semi perm install this unit. You may try this with the finished internal GPS receiver antenna and find it’s good But the cable connected external is better and is very easy to install yourself with just a small philips screwdriver as it is only a internal USB type plug inside. There is even a small notch to run the wire out through the top of the white box.

March 12, 2019

This is a truly wonderful device at an amazing price! Couple it with Foreflight on an iPad and a X-Naut iPad cooling fan for a total of about $1400 and laugh at those with $14,000 panels, even in a Florida summer! Its Radar keeps me out of a LOT of thunderstorms during frequent flights in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Its a very well-made device and Ive had zero problems with it in the several years Ive had it. Its near real-time PIREPs (before even Approach got em), including one I got for Icing at night 15 months ago told me not to try getting home to Metro Atlanta and that Savannah was a great alternate. (Thanks too to JAX Center.) Its near real-time ceiling and visibility made it easy to proceed directly to my alternate one Low IFR day.

Bob T
February 8, 2019

Even when I fly without ADSB out, this still has enough other traffic triggering the replies so that I almost always see the traffic and weather on my Avare app on my android phone. Best purchase ever!!!

Scott B
February 7, 2019


Q: I don't see a voltage mentioned. Is this Stratux Portable ADS-B In GPS a 12volt system or more?

This system connects to a standard 5V USB port. This can either be through a panel USB port, or via an external battery pack charger such as our part number 13-20661.

Q: Can this Stratux Portable ADS-B In GPS be used in New Zealand?

This will receive data from any UAT or 1090-ES ADS-B system and have a fully functional GPS signal anywhere, however, the extent of the data (e.g. weather) will depend upon your national aviation authority and what data is transmitted. This device is not certified.

Q: According to Stratux website (statux.me) this unit IS compatible with Foreflight. Can you reconfirm?

Yes, this unit is compatible with Foreflight at this time.

Q: Will the Stratux Portable ADS-B in GPS work with Foreflight?

Yes, it will.

Q: Will the Stratux Portable ADS-B be compatible with Garmin Pilot and Aera 660?

Per Stratux the portable ADS-B is not compatible with Garmin pilot.

Q: Can this Stratux Portable ADS-B In unit be (legally) used in certified aircraft?

Yes, this device is a portable unit and intended to be used with portable GPS. It can be used in a certified aircraft as it is not required to be an FAA Approved product (since it's a portable).

Q: The pamphlet states 90-day free subscription. What subscription is required with the Stratux and how much does it cost?

The Stratux does not require any subscription to use. You can use the iFly app with the Stratux for displaying the information. The iFly requires a subscription. You can also use a host of free apps in your respective appstore that can pair with the Stratux.

Q: Greetings, all! Would an external GPS antenna enhance the reception of the built-in GPS - or would it be overkill ? Thanks for your time, folks... (if it would help, which ant. would you suggest?)

The internal GPS works great and almost always it will provide plenty of signal. You do have the option to get an external antenna, which would have to be special ordered.

Q: If used with an iFly will these meet he FAA ADS - B requirements coming in 2020?

This is ADS-B in only, it does not meet any ADS-B out compliance.

Q: If I read this correctly this Stratux ADS-B in GPS can not be hardwired into the 12 volt bus bar using a wire with a USB connector?

This system connects to a standard 5V USB port. This can either be through a panel USB port, or via an external battery pack charger such as our part number 13-20661.

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