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Part# 11-16575


tailBeacon is an all-in-one experimental ADS-B solution from uAvionix.
Remove your standard rear position light and replace with skyBeacon for ADS-B compliance.

Easy Installation
Installation is as simple as replacing the aft aircraft position light.
  • No airframe modifications or additional antennas are required.
  • Works with any Mode C or Mode S transponder.
  • Transponder data is provided via the existing aircraft wiring system using the Power Transcoder.
  • tailBeacon uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring.
  • The installation requires 2 screws and reuses the existing power and ground to your current position light.
  • Lightest ADS-B Out solution available
  • Fastest return to service rate
  • No costly and invasive WAAS GPS installation
  • No panel changes
Goof-Proof Configuration
Mechanically installing an ADS-B solution is only half the battle. The skyBeacon mobile application can also be used to configure tailBeacon. The intuitive, easy to use app guides you through setting the necessary values including the ICAO address, emitter type, aircraft length, width and GPS offsets. Since tailBeacon is self-contained there are no serial ports settings or protocols to configure.

The skyBeacon mobile application is available for both Apple iOS and Android.


  • ADS-B Out
  • Altimeter
  • LED Nav Light



Outstanding product -- relative easy to install and program. Thanks!

February 13, 2020

Very pleased with this as a solution for ADS-B out, simple and quality unit. A few points to be aware of. This part number ending in -001 includes 4-40 sized screws which are not as common for aircraft mounting, there is a -002 part number that has larger hole sizes in mounting plate, as well as includes #6 screws. I had to modify the plate (and knew that going into the purchase) but might be a snag for others not aware of the small screws. For the cost of this item, uAvionix should provide both plates, or more universal mounting provisions, with both size screws provided. Second, the App for configuring set up, do not open the App even once until the unit is on and transmitting wifi, reason being the App hangs on initial page and would not auto detect tailbeacon and continue into config mode. This occurred on both my iPhone X and brand new ipad mini, solved it by deleting App and reinstalling. Set up is very easy, flew the test flight and all PASS with PAPR showing 100% compliance, no faults. I think this is a great product, and very happy with outcome.

Darrell W
February 6, 2020

Took 1/2 hour to install and configure (RV-8). Flew above 10K for 15 minutes and passed performance report. Doesnt get any easier than this.

David F
January 5, 2020

We installed on our Rotorway Helicopter in about 1/2 hour, checked out by flying it and its operational with no discrepancies--its a great piece of work!

Clyde R
November 26, 2019

A very cost effective and simple solution for ADS-B out. The installation was simple and the setup just as simple. My tail beacon was both a strobe and beacon combination. It is important to identify correct wires for connection to uAvionix beacon.

Michael E
November 14, 2019

An hours worth of modification required to fit in the taillight bucket of my RV6. App is easy to use, but plane must be flown to verify settings - and reflown if any fails come up from the FAA report: therefore I had to fly 3 times to get the settings within range. Keep in mind if its the experimental version, you are not eligible for the FAA rebate.

May 15, 2019


Q: Will this Uavionix Tailbeacon ADS-B out solution fit inside an unmodified Beechcraft Bonanza S35 (or V35) Tail Navigation light lens?

This version is for experimental aircraft only and cannot be used in production aircraft.

Q: How is the Tail Beacon connected to the transponder? Is it wireless or is there any additional wires from the the transponder to the tail?

This is a wireless connection between Uavionix tail beacon to transponder.

Q: How does the Uavionix Tailbeacon work with a Mode C transponder? Is it compatible with my Sandia STX 165?

Yes, the Tailbeacon will work with the STX 165 as it searches and finds your mode c transponder and outputs an ADS-B signal.

Q: Will the Uavionix Tailbeacon fit on the tail of the Vans RV-8?

Please see the mounting template in the Documents tab for the exact dimensions to mount it.

Q: Can the WAAS signal on this Uavionix Tailbeacon be used an input source for a Garmin G5?

This unit has no data lines, and as such cannot connect the Garmin G5.

Q: Will this device work with ancient ACSS TCAS 2/Transponder? The airplane is operated under Part 91, Experimental R&D. Thanks.

This unit will work with Mode C or Mode S transponders.

Q: Will this Uavionix Tailbeacon unit work with a Garmin GTX 327 transponder?

Yes it should work fine with that transponder.

Q: Can this Uavionix Tailbeacon be mounted vertical on the top or belly of the aircraft? Not using it as a nav light on my experimental. Just as a ADSb transmitter

Per Uavionix, this is to be mounted on the tail. There is no mention of placing it anywhere else on the aircraft.

Q: What is the weight of the tail mounted uAvionix Tailbeacon unit?

0.20 lbs approximately.

Q: Is this Uavionix Tailbeacon unit compliant for flights above 18,000 MSL?

This is compliant for ADS-B out, which is required in CLASS A,B and C airspace and above 10,000 ft.

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