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Part# 11-12164
MFR Model# TSC-100RA


Airband Scanner with NOAA Weather Channels /66-87.495MHz/87.8-108MHz/108.005-135.995MHz/136-174MHz

Focused on air band, VHF band, VHF low band (66-88 MHz) and WFM broadcast band, this narrow band receiver has exceptionally high sensitivity and outstanding audio. The simplified functions make this an easy to use handheld, with a large LCD backlit screen and easy to read backlit buttons.

66 - 87.495MHz, 87.5 - 108MHz 108.005 - 135.995MHz, 136-174MHz 200 channel memories Only weighs 5.7 oz

Handheld unit, 3 AA batteries, antenna, belt clip, male SMA to female BNC connector, and operation manual.


  • Frequency coverage: 66-174 MHz
  • Number of memory channels: 00 Units
  • Frequency resolution : 5, 6. 5, 8.33 *,10, 1 .5, 15, 0, 5, 30, 50, 100, 500KHz & Auto.
  • * 8.33 kHz step works in 108.0083-135.99 MHz range only.
  • Operation temperature range : -107C to +607C
  • Reference frequency stability : 6 ppm 7C (-107C to +607C)
  • Power supply requirement : Current drain
  • Stand by (power saved) : 50mA typical max. audio : 3 0mA typical charging(at 9V DC) : 300mA typical
  • Antenna connector : SMA (50 )
  • Dimensions (proj. not included) : 2.2 x 4.59 x 1.89 in
  • Weight (w/o Battery): 5.7 oz (160 g)
  • *Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.


Chris that is a receiver or scanner it doesnt transmit so it needs more power isnt the case

December 2, 2019

This is a great little scanner after I figured out the manual. The buttons arent very intuitive, but they work as advertised when you learn the tricks. Turning the power on and off requires holding down the red button for two seconds. But if you quickly press the red button, it locks the device. I did this on the first power up and it took me a while to figure out why the unit wasnt working. The Scan function works well. Today I set it up to scan ground control, tower, and approach so I could listen to all the action.

John C
November 27, 2018

A great receiver for the money! I live close to EWN and receive excellent reception on both sides of the transmission. I highly recommend this receiver!

Don F
March 6, 2018

Having hard time understanding the instruction book.

Alan B
September 19, 2020

I had to be right at the airport to get any reception and I had the squelch turned all the way down. Keep in mind this was with the antenna provided. I did have a fresh set of batteries installed. I use it to test my ELT and radio. If you want to hear traffic away from the airport, buy something with more power.

December 17, 2018

Not worth the money. I get almost 0 reception aside from the weather report and sporadic 1 broken channel if the weather is right thatâs it poor design and crap reception would not recommend this radio to anyone. Just a piece of junk 200.00 that could have been better spent Do NoT buy unless you want t9 be disappointed

Ppl H
July 17, 2020


Q: What is the SMA to BMC connector for the Airband Scanner TSC-100RA for?

Per the manufacturer, while the antenna connector for the Airband Scanner is an SMA type, with the adapter, you can connect this scanner to a BMC connected antenna if you wish.

Q: Does the Airband Scanner TSC-100RA have a squelch control? Is an AC adapter available?

Per the distributor, The TCS-100RA does have a squelch control and this device takes 3 double-A batteries. It can also use a Generic 9V AC-DC adapter (not included).

Q: Will this Airband scanner TSC-100RA receive UHF frequencies?

No, standard airband channels only.

Q: Is this price in US $ or Poloz Pesos?

Prices on are in USD. Prices on are in CAD

Q: Thank you. How much for shipping?

Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart after the destination is entered.

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