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Part# 11-04563
MFR Model# PRD000013000


The Echelon 25XT packs additional comfort and performance features onto the solid Echelon platform. The 25XT includes Telex’s innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter that allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time. No more switching cords! Need to communicate? Simply mute them both at a touch of a button. For increased comfort, the Echelon 25XT features a plush, thick foam headband pad and newly designed, more comfortable ear cushions. The Echelon 25XT also offers individual volume controls for each ear cup and a stereo/mono select switch. Total Noise Reduction
25 dB passive protection.

Customize Your Headset for a Comfortable Fit
Telex’s patented ComfortCam™ system allows you to adjust your headset for a custom fit. ComfortCam eliminates clamping, no matter how long you wear the headset.

Cell Phone/Audio Adaptor
Unique dual cell phone/audio device interface. Connect your cell phone and music at the same time. No more switching cords! Plus you can mute both devices at the flick of a switch.

Advanced Microphone Technology
The Echelon 25XT features a high-quality, noise-canceling electret microphone to ensure the clearest possible transmission.

Impact-Resistant Headband Design
You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for durability. The Echelone utilizes an impact-resistant headband design with stainless steel reinforced stress points for durability and light weight.

Seal Out Sound. Seal In Comfort.
New heat-sensitive, slow-recovery foam earpiece cushions form a secure, but comfortable fit — even around sun glasses. Created from a unique material, our cushions have the luxurious feel of lambskin leather but are much easier to keep clean.

Total Control Means Superior Sound
Dual volume controls allow you to adjust each speaker for your unique hearing needs. Switchable stereo and mono controls ensures that you receive the best possible radio signal.

Boom Microphone
Enables smooth, precise adjustment. Easy converts to a left or right side orientation — put the microphone exactly where you want it for superior transmission clarity and it stays there.

Flight Bag
Stylish, durable flight bag protects your investment.

13.6 oz/386 grams
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Aircraft Spruce was great, immediate shipping, good price. Unfortunately the headset was defective and is now at Bosch/Telex being repaired. Hopefully it will be in good working order when it is returned to me. Im assuming the headset was defective from the factory so Im not blaming Aircraft Spruce for the problem.

Alan K
April 25, 2019

I just bought a second pair! I think these are the best passive headset available. They have better passive reduction than the Sennheiser S-1's. Very lightweight and comfortable with good seals even with sunglasses. Mic boom is a good length so you don't find yourself fighting it. Cord lengths are also good. Not as modern looking as other brands but I am flying an old taildragger so what the heck.

August 26, 2014

Great headset, very comfortable!

December 14, 2012


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