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EcoPoxy Medium Kit 1.25 L / 1.33 Qt 09-04108 $57.56 Add to cart for current price
EcoPoxy Medium Kit 2.5 L / 2.65 Qt 09-04109 $109.85
EcoPoxy Medium Kit 5 L / 1.32 Gal 09-04111 $184.90
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This Medium Kit is typically used to fabricate high performance composite parts. It has a 20 minute working time and can be used for all sizes of parts, and for repairs or additions to a primary structure. The vacuum bagging technique can be used for smaller parts*. It is compatible with most fabrication techniques, such as lay-up and filament winding. It features excellent wet-out and chemical adhesion of fiberglass, carbon and aramid fibers. Typical applications include aircraft, boats, skateboards, skis, auto body, structural components and parts. Odorless and non-toxic, it can be applied indoors or outdoors without masks or ventilation.

The Medium Kit will cure completely at room temperature (25C or above) and does not require a heat cure. When constructing 2-3 ply thin laminates for overnight demolding and sandability, a room temperature of 25C or above is required. In thicker laminates and larger masses, plan to allow the laminate to cure at least 12 hours at a minimum of 24C before moving the structure.


  • Color: Yellow (Visual)
  • Mix Ratio: 4:1
  • Pot Life: 15-20 Minutes
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Q: Regarding Part # 09-04108: What is the best method for measuring out and dispensing resin?

Most epoxy manufacturers prefer the ratio be measured by weight, like a digital scale, or triple beam. The epoxy can be left in the original can or transferred in a smaller container, or some times hand pumps are used.

Q: Is Ecopoxy compatible with, say, Aeropoxy-built structure (airplane), and why would anyone use anything but this epoxy if it isn't toxic? Is it a good type of epoxy for most things? Never heard of it before, so don't know much about it.

Yes, they are if you want to make repairs to something made with Aeropoxy you can use Ecopoxy, just make sure the surface is prepared properly. Do not try to mix Ecopoxy resin with a different manufactures hardener, this wilL not work. This is a good type of epoxy for many different applications.

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