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ACF-50 is a state-of-the-art compound for controlling corrosion on aircraft electrical and avionics systems and airframes. ACF-50 is designed for owners of strut equipped Piper aircraft to comply with new Piper bulletin 5280C requiring lift strut inspection.

ACF-50 kills the corrosion process with just one application and will last for 24 months. Microswitches, cannon plugs, and relays will remain corrosion free. Plus, ACF-50 will easily free seized nuts, screws and bolts. ACF-50 is qualified under Mil-C-81309E, and manufactured under ISO 9000 Certified Processes. ACF-50 holds written OEM approvals from: Gulfstream, Bombardier, ATR Regional Transport, Douglas/Boeing Helicopter, Bell/Textron, Robinson, Enstrom, Sikorsky, MD Helicopters, Schweitzer, Hiller, British Aerospace, Concorde Battery, Raytheon, Piper, Cessna, Pilatus, Beech, Van's, Extra, Air Tractor, Lake, Rolls-Royce, Britten-Norman, Learjet, McDonnell Douglas, and Canadair. Try ACF-50. You will truly be amazed at the results!

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Had a shop apply this behind my fuel tanks all along the spar to my Cherokee 160 after inspecting the tanks. Not part of the Service Bulletin but a good way to prevent future problems. Its good stuff, Ive used it on a few spots of my plane before and it changes to a dark colour immediately and the loose stuff wipes right off. Just be really careful about broad applications with it if you have an old bird like mine... This stuff has been known to cause smoking rivets real bad and can stop one problem while creating another. Use it sparingly if you can and only where needed to avoid this.

October 17, 2019

Needed some extra protection on aluminium and metal parts. I read ACF-50 ANTI CORROSION FORMULA is mil spec and controls corrosion. Long story short, if its good enough for jets, its good enough for my Porsche. Great stuff.

September 3, 2019

Package arrive safely. However, noticed that some of the liquid had spilled out of the bottle that the packaging paper used inside the box is wet. Please improvise on this and you are ok. Other than this, cant wait to use the product later...

Noor A
March 5, 2019

Protect expensive metal/Parts. Easy to use. I use 13 oz cans but other quantities for other users.

July 20, 2018

Beat corrosion preventer ever

Joseph E
January 17, 2018

Larry H
January 1, 2018

I bought the Aerosol can, its the best anti corrosion for planes. Another A&P asked me who did it because it was so well done, proving you don't need the fancy spray jet. This tackles existing corrosion, whereas LPS3 is a wax based substance which SEALS IN, so you need to scrape any corrosion if using the LPS whereas with the ACF-50 you can also apply on top of light corrosion.

Martin A
March 1, 2015

Great product, rattle can has mediocre pressure. With spray tube on, it's good for distance - nozzle by itself is better for a fine mist. Could benefit from more pressure in can. But in bulk with a proper fogger, this stuff will be unbeatable.

April 28, 2013

The spay bottle works great for me! I wish I would have known about this stuff 20 years ago!

March 2, 2013

The spray bottle included with the 1qt kit doesn't spray correctly. The acf-50 is too thick for the spray tip of the spray bottle that gets pumped up. The pump up bottle capacity is way too small to do any good for annuals. It takes too much time to work with the hand spray bottle. Don't expect to actually use the spray bottle included. No usable distance range from the white semitransparent plastic spray bottle. The aerosol cans work very well for long distance work and when you press the nozzle all the way down they distribute with a wide spray pattern. I plan to upgrade to a garden sprayer with the larger quantity amounts of acf-50 because the aerosol cans don't hold enough for the price. The acf-50 gives off a pleasant odor, an improvement over the other material that has been used for decades in aviation before acf-50 came out.

Tim R
February 22, 2013


Q: What is the shelf life on ACF 50? Thank you, Ed

According to manufacturing certs, this product is best used within 2 years of the date of manufacture.

Q: How does ACF-50 do on chrome? Is there any discoloration? Is it okay on chrome exhaust?

This product works great on chrome and should not cause any discoloration. Should be fine on a chrome exhaust. ACF recommends using with a micro-fiber cloth.

Q: Can this product be used on the underside and the wheel wells of an automobile? Corrosion is being caused by exposure to sea air moisture. Corrosion is predominantly on the drive shaft and frame.

Yes, This is an anti-corrosion material which can be used on aviation or automotive applications.

Q: If the surface already has corrosion, will the application of this material visibly remove the corrosion? How many aerosol spray cans would be needed to cover the underside of a full size pick-up truck? Can any paint sprayer be used for application?

Per the manufacturer: If the surface has corrosion then yes, it will visibly remove it, but if the surface has rust then no. It will not remove rust. The customer would have to clean the areas that have rust and then apply ACF-50 to prevent any more rust from appearing. Tough to say exactly how much you would need. I would think at least close to a 4 liter jug, just guessing of course. Yes, you can use a paint sprayer and that would require more product.

Q: What applicator can I use for this ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Block Compound?

ACF-50 has applicators to use with their products. We have added them as "Accessories" to this webpage.

Q: Is ACF-50 FAA approved to be used inside light aircraft fuel tanks to provide a corrosion inhibiting coating?

This is not recomended to be used inside light aircraft fuel tanks. This is not an area where ACF-50 was designed for as it would mix with the fuel and can cause other issues. It would not have anything to do with an FAA approval, it is just something that is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: Does ACF-50 dry or does it remain moist as an oily film?

The ACF-50 is active so there will always be a bit of film.

Q: Is ACF-50 safe to use on a bonded aircraft structure such as a grumman yankee? Will it attack or penetrate the bond material?

ACF-50 will not negatively effect bonded structures in any way...and is perfectly safe for "all" composite aircraft structures....including the Grumman Yankee and Tiger...

Q: Can ACF50 be shipped by air? is it considered hazmat?

Only the aerosol can is considered HazMat for shipping. The non-aerosol can be shipped air without additional fees.

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