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Removes urethanes, epoxies, lacquers, primers, enamels, vinyls, varnishes, acrylics, shellac and polyesters. Washing off with water leaves a clean film-free surface that is ready for refinishing.

CERTIFIED COATINGS PRODUCTS, located in Los Angeles, has been manufacturing aircraft dopes, thinners and special products for the aircraft industry for 50 years. A small company making good quality, high-solids dopes, very competitively priced. Since their products are made locally, we enjoy a tremendous saving in delivery costs which is reflected in the pricing as well. We have handled their line for many years with complete customer satisfaction.


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Will remove urethane, works like the old strippers use to work.

March 13, 2021

Works well on epoxy

February 8, 2021

Worked great to remove powder coat.

February 3, 2021

This is really good stuff!! I used it to strip multiple layers of paint off of an old car. Paint it on, wait a few minutes and scrape off the paint!!

Michael L
January 5, 2021

Actually works on aircraft paint and epoxy primer. Recommend warming the area to be stripped prior to application if its in the 60s or below.. Wear gloves and watch your skin.

July 21, 2020

Using this stripper to remove three paint jobs from 1980s Porsche 911. It starts rippling the first coat off in minutes, then a second and third application waiting about 15 minutes between lifted the second and third paint jobs. Scrape off with squeegee and wipe with rags. Left to sit with thick enough gel, it also removed the bondo patches in thicker areas. This product works very well and I will make it my go to stripper now.

Erik S
April 23, 2020

Recently found our go-to product (which we hadnt ordered in some time) discontinued in CA due to methylene chloride prohibition. Had to quickly find a replacement and took a chance on this product and was pleasantly surpised. Stripping process began immediately and within 15 min, paint was loose and easily removed. A great solution to our stripping needs. Good stuff! Thank you Aircraft Spruce.

Bryan R
April 15, 2020

Did the job, happy with results

Ted W
February 24, 2020

I am in the process of stripping the paint from my 1946 Cessna 140. The paint has been on the aircraft since 1956, which is the year the wings were metalized. In about 1977 the paint was starting to look bad in several places, so the owners applied some well-placed striping to cover up the bad sections of paint. Needless to say, I have double layer paint in several places, plus the standard grassy-green primer coat under all of the paint. Sure Strip really does a great job! Iâm generally well impressed by it. It is slightly gelled just the right consistency to hold onto vertical surfaces, and the under sides of wings. I used about on gallon per wing half⦠meaning the top half of the wing used about a gallon, and also the bottom half. 68-72F is the perfect stripping temp. The hotter it gets the faster it dries, and this slightly shortens your working time. Most paint bubbles up in 30 seconds. You will need several applications in built up areas, and a medium stiff nylon brush will really help remove paint from around rivets and out of seams. The stripper it water based, and the residue will wash off easily with a rage and sponge. I canât say I love stripling paint, but Sure Strip makes an unpleasant job tolerable, and pretty easy. Itâs a good product. Cortland

Cortland C
June 8, 2014

Works really good. Does not have a harsh order.

Craig M
August 17, 2020


Q: Can this stripper be used on fiberglass for removing paint?

It has not been tested on composite parts, so we can only recommend to use with caution.

Q: Is the Certified Coating Sure Strip Paint Remover safe to use on aluminum wheels?

Yes, this product is safe to be used on aluminum wheels.

Q: Will this Certified Coatings Sure Strip paint remover take away the cadmium plating under the paint also? Need to remove paint not the plating.

Per supplier: When you prep the metal scuffing and then applying acid etching primer or with alodine you compromise any plating on the metal whether it be cadmium, anodizing or alclad. Manufacturers apply the plating so that the metal does not rust or corrode before paint. Which is why if you are stripping any metal surface you want to paint or at a minimum prime the substrate immediately.

Q: Can you use this Certified Coatings Sure Strip paint remover product on wood?

The answer is yes. The caveat is to not allow the stripper to soak into the wood. Once the paint or varnish is lifted, clean thoroughly. When finished, let the wood dry completely, sand and wipe down with a wet rag. Let dry and sand again. You don't want to leave stripper residue on the wood. If there is some he/she runs the risk of it reactivating and affecting the adhesion of the new coating.

Q: Can this be used on PolyFiber coverings?

I cannot be used on fabric but it will removed poly fiber paints on metal, wood, or concrete.

Q: Does Certified Coatings Sure Strip contain Methylene Chloride?

Yes it does.

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