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Part# 11-10677
MFR Model# ERB2-H


This 12 Volt light is exactly the same as the ERB, only has the mounting flange to attach to the Whelen Lens retaining band. Less power consumption, and less long term damage from Vibration consistently present in Rotorcraft environment . Just requires the 2 wire hook up from the aircraft's electrical system. No other power conditioning systems needed that may be part of the Whelen system.

The electronic rotating beacon "ERB" is a highly innovative product which contributes to saver airspace. Now the new LED technology allows an incredibly excellent, red light with only approx. 10% of the input power compared with conventional lights.

The casting in a high-optical plastic makes the ERB absolutely insensitive against water, vibrations and other environmental influence.

The efficiency of the output is much higher, than with conventional electric light bulbs. The self-warming of the ERB is low and can be determined as safe. To avoid overheating, the heat balance is controlled electronically. The rotating beacon for ultra light aircraft id designed to be mounted at a suitable position at the tail unit or at the top of the stabilizer.

The illumination angle complies to the regulations for general aviation.


  • Operating voltage: 10-17 volts (DC)
  • Input: approx. 25 watts
  • Fuse: 5 ampere
  • Dimensions: 61 x 47 x 76 mms
  • Drill hole: 4.5 mm
  • Weight: approx. 175 grams with connecting cables
  • Warranty: 5,000 operating hours or max. 3 years
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Super bright tail beacon. Only reason I gave it a four instead of a five is the instructions were in every language but English and had to fab up a mount plate to install in old spot on my 62 Cessna tail. Glad I took the plunge!

September 23, 2017


Q: Our 172 has the Whelen strobe on the tail which plugs in by two vertical pins. Is this a plug 'n' play replacment or doest there need to be new wiring and plug?

Per the supplier: No, this will not mount as 2 pins. However, the only thing needed is the plus and minus wires, with no other power sources or conditioning. I do need to tell you that this light, here in the US, is "experimental" in nature. Though they meet every specification of FAA night flight, they don't carry the PMA/STC paperwork. So, what you do with the light once it leaves here is totally on the customer. We've talked to the manufacturer about this, and he says if he gets FAA approval that he will never be able to change or improve the design without starting over. They are OEM on many aircraft coming out of Europe, but not Cessna yet.

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