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Part# 11-06854
MFR Model# LTR


Kuntzleman Electronics is proud to introduce the latest addition to its LSA and experimental aircraft line of lights. Made in the USA, we call it the LTR which stands for Landing Taxi Recognition.

The LTR consistes of 9 extremely bright LEDs, focused through special lenses. The result is a white 24 degree beam of light that has been measured with a light meter to be 2-1/2 times the brightness of a 55 watt halogen lamp while drawing 1/3 the current and 1-1/2 that of an HID lamp at the same current.

Powered by 12 to 14 volts DC it uses only 1.35 Amps of power. Flashing the LTR on and off can be accomplished by adding an led flasher from your local auto parts store. The LTR dimensions are 3" Dia. X 1" deep and weigh less than 6 ounces. You must see LTR in operation to believe the light output.


  • 2000 lumens
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These units are very compact at just 3” in diameter, brighter then all get out, and dam rugged... I will be fabricating an aerodynamic bullet housing with spherical dome front from a clear 3” CCTV Camera replacement lenses cover & tapered molded carbon fiber shell down to 2” ending in one of those nifty little ultralight single instrument housings found in another section. Using an “Auto Zone” supplied LED multi type pulse function controller that can handle x4 the load... See if it will be readily accepted as a safety devise - under FAA minor alterations guidelines.

John E
May 24, 2020


Q: Is this light water proof or does it need to be installed in the wing with a cover lens?

Per the supplier: these lights are waterproof.

Q: What is the diameter and depth of the KUNTZLEMAN LANDING/ TAXI/ RECOGNITION (LTR) LIGHTS?

This will have a 3" diameter and a depth of 1".

Q: How do you mount the KUNTZLEMAN LANDING/ TAXI/ RECOGNITION (LTR) LIGHTS? Is a bracket available?

This is 3" in diameter and has two 10/32 studs coming out of the back. There is not a bracket specific for this light, you will need to find a flat surface or make a bracket to get this mounted.

Q: What does the manufacturer claim for Candela on this Kuntzleman landing/taxi/recognition light?

This is an LED light in which the brightness is measured in lumens. This unit has a brightness rating of 2000 lumens.

Q: Is this Kuntzleman landing / taxi / recognition light priced and sold individually or as a pair?

These are priced and sold individually. Quanitity 1 will ship 1 light.

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