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Part# 11-11374
MFR Model# 5W-A-1512


Note: For Experimental aircraft use only. Not FAA/PMA Approved.

NavStrobe Aircraft Wingtip Nav Light 5W-A-1512

Rapco Equivalent: 1512,1524,7079B-12,7079B-24,7512-12,7512-24

Emitter Type: SMD 5050
  • Total Emitters: 27
  • Power: 5W
  • Color BIN: White
Rated Voltage: 8-30VDC
  • Draws <400ma @ 14.2VDC
  • Luminous Flux: 3060LM (0 degrees), 745LM (90 degrees)
  • Color Temperature: 6000~6500K
  • 2 modes: constant & fast strobe
  • Base Type: BAY15s = Single contact with offset pins. (A-1512)
  • Application: Wintip Navigation Light replacement.
  • Contains 1 light bulb per pack
Dimensions: 1.9 in x 0.7 in (49.0 mm x 1.8 cm)
Weight: 0.32 oz (9 g)

Turn on first: Constant lighting / Turn on second time <3s: Fast Strobe. Switch between modes in fog/cloud etc

Application Info:
  • NavStrobe Wingtip Bulbs: Will replace the following commonly installed bulbs: W1290-14, W1290-28, T7572-12V, T7572-24V, or any BAY15S base lamp. See "Dimensional Drawing" tab to confirm dimensions will work with currently installed bulb on your aircraft.

Dimensional Drawing

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Very bright but causes so much static on 2 X KX-155 had to remove. Spent considerable $$ on vendors recommended fix but in the end went for another brand as the static was never resolved.

December 12, 2019

Works as advertised

Michael G
November 18, 2019

Very bright, like the strobe mode, work as advertised

December 7, 2018

Very bright strobe / Nav light. Low amp draw to alternator. Great product.

Eric E
October 25, 2018

Everyone should keep in mind that flashing nav lights are NOT legal (homebuilt or cert.) The nav lights should be solid on steady.

October 8, 2017

A little more pricey than some led nav lights but very easy to install. The strobe function doesnt always work. Once they get warmed up I cant get the strobe function to work at all.

Michael R
August 25, 2017

Cessna 175B I bought a set of these and they worked for 5 minutes ok on the battery, 12.7 volts. The 1st time with the engine running, buss at 14.2 volts, both failed almost immediately. I returned them for a replacement set. On the battery both had leds not lit. I returned them for a refund. Ill go back to standard bulbs.

James H
July 30, 2017

they work great. very bright.

May 23, 2017

When in strobe mode, they create a high level of RF interference which the COM and NAV radios pick up. If you are talking to ATC, you will not be able to hear them when the LED is in strobe mode. The frequency that is most affected is above 120.00 MHz. It seems that at 119.9 and below, the interference is far less. Operationally, they are bright and easily fit in my standard NAV light mounts. The strobe mode is very effective.

Sam L
April 10, 2016

I installed in a Cessa wingtip and look great,they cause static on aircraft radio when on

November 29, 2014


Q: Are these PMA'd or TSO'd?

No, at this time these are not FAA Approved for use in certified aircraft. A 337 field approval would be necessary for installation.

Q: What other item do I need to install this strobe light in the wing tip?

Please note that this is just a replacement bulb, not a strobe system. It is a direct plug-n-play replacement for the original Grimes A-1512 bulb, and therefore no other item is required to replace it.

Q: You displayed the dimensions of the metal base. I need the diameter and length of the bulb. Do you have it?

Yes, the length is approximately 1-15/16 inches from bottom of base to tip of bulb. The diameter of the bulb is approximately 3/4".