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This high-quality rheostat is used in production aircraft to dim instrument panel lights. Size: 1-9/16" dia. x 2-1/4" long . Mounts in 3/8" dia. panel hole. Shaft is 1/4" dia. with flat for knob set screw. New manufac. Power Rating: 25W.
0-8 OHM or 0-15 OHM models available.

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Disappointed that the product does not come with a knob. Description could have been more explicit that a knob is needed.

Steven G
September 13, 2018

You gotta love Ohmite! Solid product at a low cost.

Don W
August 25, 2018

I gave it 5 stars because it works just as described, but it has one drawback that I didnt foresee. It does not turn off. At the lowest setting, the panel lights are always on dim. I needed a rheostat with an off position and this didnt fit that need. The description does not indicate that it has no off position.

Dan J
December 30, 2015


Q: Can these dimmers be used for 220VAC and 24VDC systems?

Yes, they will work for both.

Q: Does this rheostat include a switch as in a Piper?

It does not have a on-off switch. It is power in, power out and the ground.

Q: Will the Panel Light Dimming Rheostat PN# 0144 works in a 12VDC system?

This part is based on watts not voltage as it has a power rating of 25W so can be used in a 12 or 24 volt system.

Q: For the panel dimming rheostat 0144 or 0146, explain why one would choose one ohm model over another?

The lower the ohms the higher the amps. 8 ohm is 1.77 amps and the 15 ohm is 1.29 amps.

Q: Will turning the rheostat all the way down turn the lights off?

For the rheostat, this will not turn off the lights, it will only dim.

Q: Is this FAA PMA approved?

This product does not hold any FAA/PMA approval.

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