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Part# 11-07120
MFR Model# 735X302


  • Unique solar charger provides clean, quiet energy
  • Cleans battery plates of large, damaging lead-sulfates so batteries can accept, store and release MAXIMUM power when you need it
  • Helps offset energy-robbing key-off parasitic loads
    (see chart below)
  • Works with all lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and gel)
  • Ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle and equipment in areas without access to electrical power
  • Low-profile industrial-strength solar panel mounts flat (no frame required) so itís virtually indestructible
  • Prevents the normal loss of battery power on vehicles stored outside no matter how long they sit unused ó even months at a time
  • Helps extend battery life up to 3X longer
  • Choose from three models: 2-Watt, 5-Watt and 6-Watt
  • The 5-Watt solar panel is almost HALF THE SIZE of other 5-watt panels yet offers full 5-watt power
  • The smaller 5-watt panel provides more installation options
  • The 6-watt model is ideal for emergency rescue and law enforcement vehicles because it has a unique rectangular solar panel designed to easily mount on any light bar
  • 2- and 5-Watt models include 17-feet of wire between circuit box and solar panel, and the 6-Watt includes 14 feet of wire
  • Five-year limited warranty


SolarPuse 2W
SolarPuse 5W
Pulse Frequency: 22-28 kHz 22-28 kHz
Max Charging DC Voltage: 16.5 V, 250 mA 16.5 V, 350 mA
Reverse Polarity Protected: Yes Yes
Circuit Box Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.25" x 1.5" 3.25" x 2.25" x 1.5"
Solar Panel Dimensions: 4.75" x 8.56" x .125" 8.875" x 8.75" x 0.125"
Box to Lugs Wire Length: 3 feet 3 feet
Box to Panel Wire Length: 17 feet 17 feet
Termination: .375" Lugs 0.375" Lugs
Weight: 1.35 lb. 1.65 lb.
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Q: I just purchased the 2 watt solar charger. My question is this: Can I change the eye hook connectors that attach to the battery terminals with a cigarette ligher adapter? I would like plug into my live cigarette ligher to keep my battery maintained. Thanks.

Per the manufacturer: Thank you for your purchase and question. You can use the cigarette lighter to connect to the battery but it is best to connect directly to the battery. The solar panel does best when it is in full direct sunlight because most windows have UV protection which reduces the efficiency of the solar panel. Most cigarette lighters only work when the key is turned on. There is added resistance between the lighter plug and the battery to reduce efficiency.

The SolarPulse will work for you using the lighter plug but it will not be as effective as connecting directly to the battery.

Q: Will the Solar Pulsa SP5 work with the Odyssey dry cell batteries?

Per their specs, it will work with all AGM batteries which the Odyssey batteries are.

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