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Part# 10-01428
MFR Model# 010-315-0


Superior to any other type of pyrometer available. Unlike competing brands, these units are temperature compensated. That is, when the ambient temp. changes, MIRCO-1000 pyrometers still read the same. And we guarantee that, when properly installed, these pyrometers will be accurate within 2%. Like other Micro1000 gauges, these units come with our standard 2-year warranty. Order gauges, probes, and extension leads separately. Scaled 0-600 F.


  • 2% Accuracy!
  • Easy-to-Read Dial!
  • Backlighting Standard
  • Temperature Compensated! 4 Optional Lifetime Warranty!
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant!
  • Designed and Built for Aircraft!


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Summary: Spruce gets 5 stars for their customer service. And the gauge is good too, but needs trials to set up correctly. I wrote the earlier 3 star review. I could not get the 1st gauge to work correctly. Air Spruce replaced it. Thank you Rob I.! The new gauge is good, but.... Once you get the gauge set up don't have to worry about it. Good to have dual temp info. However a correct set up requires a work. The gauge and wiring are easy, but they are prone to spurious signals for unknown causes. Routed the wires away from engine electrical noise is one issue. Sometimes I didn't know what the issue was, but splicing new connections and/or changing the wire path would help. It's trial and error, and can take many runs of setting up, running the machine to see the readings, doing it again, etc. In fact one side of the gauge is still off somewhat, but the other side is dead-on accurate, so I'll finish it another day. In brief, the gauge is good, and the dual analog readout is great! Just be willing to work with it. Almost like tuning a reluctant engine...

December 6, 2014

Arrived with no connection instructions. Trial & error finally revealed which lead wire was + & - as marked on the back of the guage. Aside from that, the pair of terminals marked 'R' caused the needle marked 'L' to move & vice-versa. Both needles seemed to move smoothly & show accurate readings. On the bench test. It will be a while before my engine (AeroVee) runs, so standby for further news..

Walter C
December 8, 2014

After many months of trying, calling the tech line, buying new and different probes and wires, and sending the unit out for tesing, I am through with this gauge. Doesn't work. It would work fine on the bench, but mounted it would not. The vibration and rushing air lead to erroneous values.

July 26, 2013


Q: How many amps does this gauge draw?

Zero, as the probes are directly connected to the engine for temp reading and the gauge is not tied to the electrical system.

Q: Does the Micro 1000 CHT use type J thermocouple inputs?

The Micro 1000 CHT gauges use a type E probe and are designed only for E not J type.

Q: Do you have also 2-1/4 DUAL CHT PYROMETER in Celsius?

No, the manufacturer does not offer these instruments in Celsius.

Q: Do these Micro 1000 Dual CHT gauges come with everything needed, or will I need to buy probe and fittings separately?

Probes and fittings are sold separately. Please see the Accessories tab for approved probes.

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