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Part# 11-10041
MFR Model# 2-1/4 DISP


The Electronic Ignition Commander provides information and control solutions for experimental aircraft powered by Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines WHICH UTILIZE THE P-MAG ELECTRONIC IGNITION. Two different displays offered (2 1/4" Standard Instrument Display.


  • Continuous verification of timing mark synchronization and a Preflight screen that reports the timing synchronization and condition of the ignition harnesses and spark plugs
  • Monitor E/P-mag operation
  • Three user definable timing map shifts in addition to the default A & B curves
  • Useful for running at high altitudes, auto fuel, or when it is desirable to use a different than standard timing curve
  • Dimmable screen for night flight
  • Sunlight readable Organic LED display with no viewing angle restrictions
  • Configurable tachometer with Hobbs meter function
  • Pilot adjustable RED line with multiple YELLOW RPM Ranges
  • Configurable LED warning light when running in YELLOW restricted ranges
  • Standard tachometer display with optional Manifold Pressure
  • Remote update capability allows you to update you EICommander from any computer
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I dont even own a EI Commander yet and I can tell you Bills customer service is A1! I called him with a PMag question and he was a great help. I will be installing a EI Commander in the near future.

Alton D
May 22, 2018

This is not only a great product but the best customer service I've ever gotten. This system found problems with my Pmags instantly. I would never install Pmags without the EI Commander.

May 1, 2015


Q: Can I use this Electronic Ignition Commander on a Rotax 912?

No, this instrument cannot be used with Rotax engines.

Q: Should the Electronic Ignition Commander be on for engine start (ie: switched on with the master switch) or should it be on a switched on by a seperate switch after engine start?

For the best instructions regarding startup, please review the operating guide found in the documents section.

Q: Are the two row, 15 Pin D-Sub Male connector and optional DB9 connectors included? If not, where can these connectors be sourced?

They are not included. We sell 15 pin d-sub connectors and the DB9 connector is not required for this particular part.

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