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Part# 09-35601
MFR Model# 904-0012-01


The Quantum Eye® is a multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector. It provides a visual indication of carbon monoxide contamination. Each detector is packaged in a protective bag that when opened activates the product. Operating temperature range is from 41° to 100° F, relative humidity (RH) range from 25 to 90% RH. For airplane and campground use

Shelf Life:
    Once activated (after opening factory sealed poly sleeve package) the maximum product lifetime is 18 months

    Prior to opening factory sealed poly sleeve package, when stored properly product may have approximate shelf-life of 3yrs


    Proprietary Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Minimum 18-month product life
  • Operates at a broad range of temp and humidity
  • CO specific – No false readings
    Multi-Level Detection
  • Normal = Yellow
  • Caution = Green
  • Danger = Dark Blue
    Biomimetic Technology
  • Responds to CO in manner similar to the human body
  • Rapid sensor regeneration
    Unique Packaging
  • Customer assembly not required
  • One-step activation
  • Sensor is protected against accidental contamination
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A necessary item for safety.

Bruce J
September 2, 2019

Quick sale and fast shipping

Benjamin P
June 29, 2019

Two words - these work! I have been using these Quantum Eye detectors since 2011 in my 64 C172E. On one winter flight I noticed the carbon monoxide detector had changed from its normal yellow ... to dark blue (I still have the image). I had never seen this before, but it was also the first time in quite awhile flying with all vents closed as it was pretty cool outside. I immediately opened both fresh air vents in the wing roots as well as the floor vent (and was prepared to open the window if needed). After a few moments the color of the detector returned to normal as the cabin was flushed with clean air. This lead us to an exhaust leak that was repaired. There was no odor or visible signs of exhaust / smoke in the cabin. Even though I had this detector in place, including it in the scan was more of an afterthought. I now replace every annual and include as part of my panel scan.

Rick G
June 27, 2019

Steinar G
May 16, 2019

I would have given it 5 stars, but the last one I got kind of fell apart with the plastic sheathing coming apart and the detector falling out a few times. Finally I got tired of it and bought a new one, so well see how it goes!

Chuck S
February 28, 2019

Cute little stick on CO tester that mounts almost any in the cockpit. +’s: cheap, easy to mount. Better than nothing. -‘s They’re of one & done if over exposed to CO. Only good for 18 months. How well do they work? Hard to say... first flight no indication of CO.... Time will tell.

Chris G
January 31, 2019

The quantum eye CO detector works better than most others. Over the years, I have had color change warnings twice and both times there was a small exhaust leak in the engine compartment.

Mike M
February 7, 2018

Good price and durable product. It went dark on us a couple of times (each time longer duration and at the wrong end of the colour scale) warning us of problems we had. Turned out we had a problem with a seal in combination with the exhaust mufflers.

Erik G
December 30, 2017

Fair price, arrived quickly, and a compact stand alone warning device. I only have two flights on it thus far so difficult to portray effectiveness at this point

Bob H
November 19, 2017

I ordered this replacement CO detector to replace the one I had which was outdated. Inexpensive product for the peace of mind.

Frances E
October 8, 2017



As long as the plastic is sealed and it has not been opened the shelf life is up to 3 years. Once the packaging is opened it will have an 18 month life span.

Q: If the Quantum Eye Long Life Carbon Monoxide Detector detects carbon will it return to normal when exposed to fresh air?

No, it is one time use product.

Q: What is the parts per million rating of the Quantum Eye CO detector?

Per manufacturer: The sensor of the Quantum Eye will start to change color if it is exposed to 50 ppm for more that 240 minutes. This can be considered as the minimum rating of the sensor. As for the maximum, it is not recommended to expose the Quantum Eye to CO concentration higher than 3000 ppm or the sensor will fail to return to its normal color which means that it is permanently damaged.

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