Baby Bush Picker 1A Tow Bar

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Part# 13-16047
MFR Model# BBP-1A


Due to the large 10 inch wheels, this one is NOT for RV, EXTRA or any taildragger alike with tail cones that have low clearances conditions.

  • (1) set of infinitely adjustable pins on (1) side
  • (2) 10 inch dia. x 4 inch wide Flat Free wheels
  • Great for bumps, door tracks, lips etc...
  • Bright yellow thick powder coated frame
  • Insulated foam grips
  • Very simple to use
  • Very universal aircraft tow bar


Just get it..., this PICKER is more adjustable and fits better than anything else on the entire aviation tow bar market bar none. My buddy has one, I tried it, DONE! hit their website on the spot and ordered it right then.

March 28, 2018

This might look like just another towbar but it is not. The PICKERs are very special. I had no idea how adjustable my Picker was until I made it fit my tail wheel. Other ones just dont work for me. For the nest where the tailwheel goes I can adjust the width away from the Picker frame, the width of my tire, how far back from the axle my tail wheel goes for leverage and reach... this purchase turned out to be a real no brainer. My recommendation is this, get the PICKERs, the quality is top notch too.

Gary A
December 4, 2017

Our tail dragger group at the airport decided that the PICKERS are top dog. Take it for what it worth. -Bill

October 12, 2014

No written instructions provided. Plastic bag said to go to their website. Hard when you are at airport with not great wi-fi. Anyway, the photo instructions they provided did not reference several parts provided? Still wondering where they go. Overall review nice product, poor assembly instructions.

Robert C
July 17, 2020


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Q: Is this ready to use on a taildragger?

It should work with most taildraggers.

Q: Will this towbar work on a long-EZE nosewheel ?

Per the manufacturer: It should work....,'s meant for tailwheels. However, if they purchase the TP-1 and the "EXTRA LONG BUSH PINS" they should be fine.

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