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Part# 13-05622
MFR Model# FB 1021 BLK


Large "Pubs" Bag - Longer and wider than our FB1020 Regular PubsBag, but not as tall. Fit everything you will ever need for your mission plus some! Three main compartments comprise this model. Two large compartments and the third is divided in the middle. No external pockets on this model, however the internal capacity is awesome. Favored by F-15E, B-1, B-2, and C-130 aircrew. It's also popular in the USAF/USN pilot training environment it just works well in whatever you fly.


  • Dimensions (empty): 9" x 11" x 1"
  • Fully loaded bag will expand to 6 1/2" wide


This bag has quality construction. It will hold up to six bound NOS approach binders or similar size pubs and the flap will still close. When I removed two sets of approach plates to instead put in my two spiral bound Tri-Nav Charts measuring 9X11 (due to spiral) vs. 8.5 X11, the extra ½ inch prevents the top cover flap from closing, so the flap remains unsecure. You can remedy that if you put the spiral bound in the center compartment and the Velcro barely catches. Of the three compartments, the outside compartment has a divider splitting the length in half. Four sets of approach plates will not fit in this last section due to the compartment divider and pencil holder. Thus the bag can carry a total of six sets of NOS plates vs. up to eight. Place the approach plates for this section in the side without the pencil holder. The pencil holder, combined with the tight space caused by the divider, will catch the approach plates causing the plates to roll. Forget putting plates in that part altogether if you put pencils in the holder. The divider splitting the outside compartment renders the space with the pencil holder to something other than pubs, perhaps good for plotters and miscellaneous items. I think the only way this bag would rate 5 stars would be to lengthen the flap to close with slightly oversized 9X11 books/charts and to increase the length of the bag by about ¾ of an inch so that plates will fit in all compartments. Lose the pencil holder in the compartment and perhaps add it to the flap instead or the outside of the bag. Nice bag that needs just a little more work in my opinion. I will be modifying the one I purchased to make it useable for me.

June 7, 2014


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