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Part# 13-11671
MFR Model# RA-VG-1 GRY


These high performance sunglasses are specifically designed for use with helmets and headsets.

The Frame:

The frames are made of lightweight and flexible titanium metal that easily slide thru the ear pad of the helmet or headset. The frames contour the head and allows for the seal of noise canceling earpieces to be maintained. The light weight and lack of pressure points on the head allow the user to wear the glasses for extended periods without fatigue and discomfort.

The unique design of the temple and nose pieces adds durability and strength to the glasses that other rimless sunglasses lack. The “triangle” design of the temple and the “x” of the nose piece act as a truss system similar to that used in aircraft wing design, allowing for maximum strength with minimum weight and bulk.

The “wrap” or curvature of the frames and lens allows sun protection for the wearer’s peripheral vision as well as forward facing.

The Lens:

The lens is made of a revolutionary Trivex® material that features optical qualities similar to glass and surpasses the light weight and scratch resistance of poly carbonate lenses while providing 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Trivex® material allows a higher amount of visible light to travel through the lens and also allow the wearer to distinguish true color.

The lenses are optimized for moving-fast, looking-at-gauges, or thru a windshield. Uncommon to today’s upscale sunglasses, Ra Vision Gear’s are non-polarized. Polarization interferes with gauges, windshields and computer screens creating blank spots, totally “darkening-out” the gauge or making a rainbow effect on windshields. The FAA strongly recommends against pilot use of polarized sunglasses. Additionally, polarization can mask slick spots and standing puddles of water for any type of road riding/driving application.


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Bought these sunglasses about two years ago. LOVE them. However it has outlasted the case. Cant find a case to fit them so far. Do you sell those cases separately?

Courtney E
September 8, 2018

Best subglassses in every sense. Easy to put away, never a problem with lose screws, east to clean, great look from a users point and the look of the wearer.

March 9, 2017


Q: Do you have the RA Vision High Performance Sunglasses with prescription lenses?

No, we do not offer these in prescription lenses. If you need to have them in prescription, you would need to do that with an after-market lens shop.

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