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Part# 08-07711


The easiest, cheapest and safest way to remote control any electrical device. Works great with a Tanis, Reiff or Engine Preheater up to 1800W total! USA product and MFG customer service team available for any setup questions.

For Pilots:
No more driving to the airport hours before a flight. Turn on your Engine Heater from your cellphone, and simplify your cold flying routine! TIP: Activate a 2nd device like a Cabin Heater for your sensitive avionics, or a Coffee Maker before you arrive!

For General Use:
Your new 'Smart Home' with the easy automation from SwitchBox. Remote control your heating, lighting and air conditioning, from anywhere in the world. TIP: Turn On the A/C before you get home, or check to see if you left the lights On and turn them Off. Save Money!

Control From Home:
The switchbox can be controlled from any computer at the following link: SwitchBox From Home

SwitchBox App for iPhone/iPad - Free

A free download for all Iphone + Ipad users, on the Apple AppStore. Download via link here: SwitchBox App or simply search 'SwitchBox App' on the AppStore. Works internationally with Free phone call function.

iPhone Features
  • Custom Labels for Outlet 1/2
  • Show Outlet Status of SwitchBox
  • Check Network Signal Strength at your SwitchBox location
  • Use Custom Passwords

SwitchBox App for Android - Free

A free download for all Android + SwitchBox users - for World wide use. Download via link here: SwitchBox App

Android Features
  • Create a Custom Password
  • Activate 'Security List' for Authorized List of Phone Numbers
  • Show Outlet Status of SwitchBox
  • Check Network Signal Strength at your SwitchBox location
  • Set Custom Timer for Phone Call Automatic OFF (Outlet 1 only)

Note: Once receiving your new Switchbox, contact support@switchboxcontrol.com to activate your device and receive your unique phone number.


  • Custom Timer up to 18 hours
  • Security List for blocking unknown callers
  • Includes 6' extended Antenna
  • Create a Custom Password
  • Activate 'Security List' for Authorized List of Phone Numbers
  • Show Outlet Status of SwitchBox
  • Check Network Signal Strength at your SwitchBox location
  • Set Custom Timer for Phone Call Automatic OFF (Outlet 1 only)


SwitchBox Manual (PDF)


  • Electrical: 120V/60hz. Max Power Handling 1800Watts/15Amps
  • Network: T-Mobile Preactivated, $3.00 credit on account
  • Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30day money back guarantee, FCC and CE certified

T-Mobile Coverage Map

  • Coverage


I purchased one and it didnt work worh a flip. I tried working with the Customer support, he blamed me for not knowing how to use it. Im 60 + years old I know how to dial a phone. I finally bit the Bullet and threw it in the trash.

Paul Z
April 28, 2019

Perfect for cold mornings where you dont want to drive to the airport before the flight, and sit around waiting. Recommended!

February 9, 2018

Fantastic product! What a time saver.

January 6, 2018

Be careful. The difference between this product and 08-15733 or 08-15734, is that this product requires 2G technology. What I found out the hard way, is that AT & T no longer supports 2G technology. So, that means this product will only work with a T-Mobile SIM card, in areas where T-Mobile still supports 2G technology. My suspicion is that T-Mobile still supports 2G in areas where they have their own towers. But, when I talked to T-Mobile, they couldn’t tell me that for sure. However, 2G is a dying technology, and who knows how long it will be until T-Mobile, like AT & T, no longer supports 2G. Therefore, I would recommend that you first check with T-Mobile and make sure they support 4G in your area, and then buy a switch using 4G technology. (Or use an AT & T SIM card, which uses 4G technology.) I received my Switchbox in mid-October, got it set-up and running by the end of October, and it worked until January 1, 2017, when AT & T switched over to 4G. I was using a Consumer Cellular SIM card, and didn’t realize it was running on AT & T towers. T-Mobile doesn’t have their own towers in my area, so they only had 4G where I live. ACS, bless their hearts, allowed me to return the Switchbox, for only a $20 restocking fee, plus I paid the return postage.

Larry B
April 20, 2017

I ordered 2 of these units a few weeks ago...one as a gift. When I opened the plastic packaging, the unit I wanted to install looked used, the plastic was cracked in 2 places, it was marred and had scratches, and the case was split. Appeared used and then returned. The other unit looked new. I emailed the company and ACS. The company was VERY concerned about it, and offered to replace it. They activated the cell number. ACS was also very receptive. However, after a weeks worth of wrangling with this issue (and ACS insisting the original shipping box being used for the return), I sent both back to ACS for a refund. So, I chalk this order up to a fluke. Why? I have NEVER been disappointed with anything ordered from ACS over so many years. I even had them make me a harness for the new GTX 345 txpdr I purchased from them, and all went well. As for SwitchBox, the person who I contacted was VERY concerned about customer satisfaction. He called me 2-3 times, and we had some emails going back and forth, and he seemed genuinely interested in doing whatever was necessary to make this right. Again, I chalk it up to a hiccup. I am still VERY satisfied with ACS. 5 stars.

March 4, 2017

This product may work for some folks but it will not work for me. It seems that there is a problem with the signal reaching the unit when installed in a steel hangar. It operates intermittently at best but completely unreliable when you need it most. After requesting several times for tech support to call me to try and sort out the issue, all I get is emails stating the unit works fine on their end when sending a test signal. Worse yet, ignoring my repeated requests for assistance shows absolutely no regard that the purpose for the product is to protect cold start damage for a very expensive engine. Save your money and drive to the airport and turn the heater on yourself.

February 14, 2017

I highly recommend this cell switch! The SIM card is pre-installed with a starter credit (so you dont have to order one separately) and adding more SIM credits through T-Mobile was pretty easy. The iPhone app allows you to either send a call to the Switchbox (for free) or to send a text message and receive a return status confirmation. Customer Service was very prompt in activating the SIM card and providing the SIM number. Plus, with two channels (outputs), I can activate my engine pre-heater and/or battery trickle charger. Everything works exactly as it should! Now I can rest assured that the airplane will be ready to go during these cold winter months in New York State. Bravo!

Mark N
January 5, 2017

The product works great and is a must for me in unpredictable Iowa weather. If it looks like a possible go I just switch the heater on and can easily turn it off if the forecast is off. I cant imagine being without it. When I did think I had an issue (It was really just me - not the box) support answered me even on a weekend. Excellent experience!

Raymond W
August 29, 2016

This product did not work right out of the box. customer support was hard to get on the phone. Most help had to be done by email which made it hard to troubleshoot the problem. Once the Switchbox company found that the item was not working properly and had to be sent back they wanted me to pay for the shipping to them and then again to send a new one back. I decided that if this was the customer service I was going to get and quality I was getting I would rather return it. Aircraft spruce paid for the return shipping. They received the item back on November 27th and I did not get my money back until January 7th.

January 7, 2016

Purchased one a year ago and used it all last winter to turn preheat on my aircraft. Worked flawlessly. I use the ipad app as well and it works great. Remember to put your phone number in the Whitelist or the device will not respond to you. The procedure is in the instructions that accompany the unit.

Geoff S
October 27, 2015


Q: What is the cost per month for the T-mobile cell network access?

The Switchbox comes with three months free service, so at first you don't have to pay for anything. After that it is only about $3 per month.

Q: Will the SwitchBox work internationally?

Yes, the SwitchBox will work in Canada, Europe, etc. with the included Free Sim card.

Q: Does it use a large SIM card? My AT&T SIM card is about one inch long.

The Verizon SIM card would not work but the AT&T SIM card will work.

Q: How does the Switch Box differ from the Switch Box Power Strip that you offer? Is the difference only in the configuration?

The differences are Maximum Power Handling, Included Accessories, and Weather Sealing. Both products use the same app and work great together or separately.
Switchbox Strip

  • Max Power 1000W
  • Does NOT include Sim Card or Wired Antenna
  • Not Weather sealed
Switchbox Remote Control
  • Max Power 1800W
  • Includes SIM Card and Wired Antenna
  • Weather sealed with rubber surrounds

Q: Regarding the Switchbox Remote Control: How do you set up the phone number for calling or text message? Does the unit have a built in phone? Do you have to sign a contract? Can you just sign up for a few months like in winter? Is there a number for tech support?

Per Vendor: - Switchbox comes activated with a Phone # and money on account. 1st month is pre-paid and ready to go.
- Switchbox has a built in cellphone circuit inside, which it uses to connect on the local network and activate the engine heater
- Switchbox is setup from our factory with all programming for calls, text and app usage. No need to do anything. Just plug-and-play out of the box
- Account is a Pay-As-You-Go account and can be used for only the months you need it
- Our support line is 347-871-4353.

Q: Is this product made / assembled in the USA? Is customer service support based in the US?

Our supplier is in the US, and they do all the customer service support themselves.

Q: Is this 4G GSM or some other (i.e. 2G)?

Part # 08-07711 is a 2G model.

Q: Will this 2G Switchbox remote unit work in Canada?

Yes it will work in Canada.

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