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Part# 11-12453


U-Phone-iT 4G is a programmable remote switch for 115 Volt AC equipment, activated by telephone call or by text messages generated by free iPhone App or any text capable cell phone.

U-Phone-iT 4G will execute a stored “Resident” Run cycle on receipt of a phone call. Two 115 VAC outlets are independently controlled, allowing the unit to service separate devices. Outlets are easily activated by ON/OFF or user- selected ON times commands.

An approved user list and password protects U-Phone-iT 4G from unauthorized activations.

The device can be interrogated for current status and stored programming. It responds promptly by Text message.

The device monitors cell signal strength at its location, providing placement guidance for best reception.

An optional remote antenna aids reception in cell resistant structures. Unit sends automatic notices of power failures and power restorations.

U-Phone-iT 4G is delivered with active, pre-paid cell service on the ATT 4G system. User- managed cell service costs as little as $4.00 per month. Optional FST Cell Management Service (CMS) provides 360 days of service for about $6.00 per month.

    Operating Voltage: 120 VAC
    Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
    Current Protection: 10 Amp Breaker/Switch
    Switching Power: 1000 Watts @ 115VAC
    Power Entry: Hard Wired

      4.75 in (121mm) Tall 5.0 in (127mm) Wide 8.5 in (216 mm) Long

    Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 Kg)

    General Construction:

      ABS enclosure w/carrying handle and non-marring feet.
      Neon lamps identify active outlets.
      Weather resistant Vinyl labels.
      External SMA jack for easy change-over to remote antenna.

    Warranty: 12 months parts and workmanship
    Temperature Range: -10 to 120º F / -23 to 49º C


In The Box

  • Ready to use U-Phone-I T 4G
  • 80 days prepaid Cell Service
  • User manuals
  • Free Remote Programming
  • Free iPhone App


I have used this for nearly a year now. the messages are a little quirky, but once learned it is fine. One note: While learning, the free service can be quickly exhausted. Carl (Mr. FSTLLC.com) called me when it was low and gave me some extra. I then had him put me on the yearly plan. No hassle with the phone company unless you want it. Carl lets me know yearly and I renew. Nice to set the delay and have the heater turn on at 3AM for a morning flight in the winter.

William L
December 13, 2018

Excellent product. Call it or text it with free App. Purchase cellular minutes for the device which run about 10 dollars and may be enough for all winter. If you turn on device by calling it, it will be free. If you text, costs about 10 cents per message. The app allows you to turn on outlets independently at different times if needed for the prespecidied time that you may choose. May call or text it to turn it off. Customer service from the company is excellent. Device comes ready to run out of the box. I highly recomnd it. I have owned it for 2 years and it has been priceless!!! My plane loves it!!!

Gassan A
February 1, 2016

The cell service provider they use has expiration dates on the number of minutes you purchase. $10 worth of minutes should be enough to get me through the winter, however, the minutes will expire before I use all of them. Im stuck paying for minutes I dont need. If you let your service lapse, they will charge you again to restore it. If you want hassle free use of this device, it will cost you $90 per year in reoccurring charges. This device also has issues with the iMessage service if you are an apple user. I have to switch iMessage off to use this device. On the bright side, its nice to turn on my engine heater and cabin heater with a phone call a few hours prior to leaving for the airport. Because of the cell service provider hassle, I would not recommend this item.

Pat R
March 19, 2018


Q: Why is it limited to 10 amps? I've got a Nighthawk which I think is good to 20, and with my Tanis heater and a small ceramic in the cockpit, set to low, I think it draws about 12 amps. Other pilots in my area also use a tanis and small ceramic heater, and I'm not sure I can recommend your switch to them. Nighthawk comes in to power output ranges. I don't remember what they are, I think 15 and 20 amps?

Per the manufacturer: U-Phone-iT is limited to 10 Amps (1150 Watts) due to the capacity of the unit's power relays. Also, 1150 Watts serves the majority of preheater applications in General Aviation. You did not supply any details on the aircraft you would be servicing with the device, so I cannot respond directly to your situation.

Most complete Tanis systems (crankcase heater plus cylinder heaters) for a single 6 cylinder engine consume 500-600 total watts, which leaves 500 watts for a cabin heater. If you are servicing a twin with only crankcase heaters you would probably still have enough capacity for a cabin heater.

It is unusual to find 20 amp outlets in a hangar, unless they are there to power special equipment. Most hangar outlets are 15 amp. If you measure the load values of your engine heater and cabin heater you may find they are less than you think.

Q: Will the U phone it preheated switch work in Canada?

Per the manufacturer, cell service is not provided outside the U.S for the U phone it Preheated switch.

Q: Regarding the U-Phone-It product: I have Verizon cellular service. What do I need to purchase besides the U-Phone-It? Will it control my Reiff pre-heater on my Piper Archer?

The U-Phone-It part number 11-12453 comes with $7.00 of prepaid service. Each time you use the unit it costs $.10. Or you can purchase the maintenance service, part number 11-12456, for $80 a year and the use is unlimited. Yes, it will control your Reiff pre-heater.

Q: Can the system be set to turn on at a certain time after a call is made to it? For example, can I call the evening before and have the equipment turn on at 3 AM?

Per the manufacturer: No, it cannot.

Q: Is this appropriate for outdoor/ramp use?

No, it is recommended for hangar / indoor use.