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AveoEngineering introduces the exclusive next-generation AveoMaxx™ landing/taxi/wigwag light module.

The disc light for external or leading edge insert mounts is here from Aveo. With 90,000 candela, the AveoMaxx Atlas™ outperforms the Brand X led disc lights by from 2x to 5x the brightness. Gone also is the blue tint from HID lights that restrict pilot visibility.

The AveoMaxx™ uses far less power than competitive products illuminated by mercury-arc, high intensity discharge, or halogen lamps, which means they help to reduce air pollution from carbon emissions. Mercury and Lead-free, this RoHS compliant environmentally - friendly technology helps reduce power consumption and the amount of hazardous waste entering the environment. Finally, a "green" aircraft light.

For Experimental Use Only


  • 3-in-1 System includes Landing, Taxi and WigWag
  • Highly optimized optics including Aveo RockyReflector™ System
  • Aveo PowerOptimizer™ advanced LED power supply and controller
  • 70% lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours
  • Limited 3yr Warranty - Product must be registered within 30 days of purchase Here


Technical Information
1. Number of LED: 10
2. Input voltage: +9..+36 VDC
3. Output power [Hi/Low]: 15/7W Taxi, 46/22W Landing, 61W/29W Taxi+Landing
4. Voltage protection: 80V, both polarities
5. Under-voltage lockout: 8.5V , not more
6. Over-voltage lockout: 37V, not less
7. Ambient temperature: -40C..+85C
8. Function description:

  • a. 1x4 LEDs - Taxi, steady light
  • b. 1x6 LEDs - Landing, steady light
  • c. 1x4 + 1x6 - Taxi+Landing
  • d. Synchro Mastrer function, active – low
  • e. Wig-Wag – Taxi LEDs only
  • f. Master/Slave select sequential and simultaneous Wig-Wag mode
  • g. High/Low power select for Landing and Taxi.
9. Beam Pattern:
  • a. 100 Vert 100 Horizont – Landing
  • b. 100 Vert 100 Horizont – Taxi
10. Light Intensity:
  • a. 54.000 cd - Landing Hi
  • b. 29.000 cd - Landing Lo
  • c. 18.000 cd - Taxi Hi
  • d. 10.000 cd - Taxi Lo
  • e. 72.000 cd - Landing + Taxi Hi
  • f. 39.000 cd - Landing + Taxi Hi
11. Color and shade: cool white, 5000K – White
12. Programmable Soft-Start, less than 50mS
13. Overheat protection, temperature dependent decrement intensity
14. Weight: less than 0.8lbs (364 g) with Aveo bracket
15. Useful life: not less than 30.000,0 aircraft flight hours.
16. Dimension: 3.58” Round x 1.78” (D = 91mm, H = 45.3mm).
17. Material:
  • a. Housing/Heatsink: Aluminum Alloy, natural anodizing
  • b. Lens: Clear Polycarbonate

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Q: What are the dimensions? Need to know the space required. Thanks. Nice change to the website.

The dimensions of the Aveo Maxx Atlas are 3.58” Round x 1.78” (D = 91mm, H = 45.3mm).

Q: Are these Aveo Maxx Atlas 15 :ED Landing / Taxi / WigWag lights priced and sold as a pair or individually?

These lights are priced and sold individually.

Q: I have a 12 volt system, will these AveoMaxx LED lamps work on 12v?

Yes, any voltage from 9-36 Volts will work.

Q: Are these Aveo Maxx Atlas 15 LED lights waterproof or do they need to be in a housing? Can they be mounted on a lift strut and flown through the rain? Is there any different angle orientation between the taxi and landing LEDs?

PER THE MFG: Our landing lights are completely waterproof inside their aluminum enclosure, designed to be mounted any place on your landing gear, etc. The Taxi light LEDs have a lens optic angle of 40 degrees, and the Landing LEDs are angled at 15 degrees.

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