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Part# 08-07746
MFR Model# K4520-40


Slick Magnetos and Harnesses
Thanks to pilots, mechanics and OEMs around the aviation world, Champion's Slick Magnetos are the most relied upon mags in the industry. In addition, their harnesses, which come in five different colors, are widely regarded as the best in class. Together, Slick Magnetos and Harnesses form the basis for a high performance piston ignition system.

Slick Magnetos
Champion's Slick Magnetos power a majority of the world's piston-powered aircraft today. And because every Slick Magneto shipped from the factory is new, not overhauled, it is the choice for quality-conscious pilots and OEMs. Champion's Slick Magnetos come with a full factory warranty and are less expensive than most competitor's magnetos.

Slick Harnesses
FAA-PMA approved Slick Harnesses by Champion are built to handle the maximum spark energy produced, while delivering more energy than is required by the spark plugs - even during emergency full-power engine operation. Using anything less could result in more than a 50% reduction of radio sensitivity in commonly used communication frequencies, as tested by Champion. Features such as a heavy-gauge contact spring provide more contact area and force inside the spark plug, while the flexibility of the coiled center conductor reduces fatigue and breakage resulting from repeated temperature cycling and vibration.

Champion Fine Wire Aviation Spark Plugs
Combining the same trusted performance of the Champion massive electrode spark plugs with the enhanced premium benefits of an iridium fine wire design, Champion Fine Wire Spark Plugs are the sensible choice among quality premium plugs.

Champion Aviation Spark Plugs (Massive Electrode)
OEMs and overhaul facilities request Champion Aviation SparkPlugs for their performance, heat transfer, leakage protection, advanced reliability, longevity and cost-effectiveness. Features such as a non-screw head electrode offer a consistent contact surface for reliable harness-to-spark plug termination and energy transfer, while their hot-lock assembly procedure assures resistance to the high pressure of combustion gases that's leakproof.

Click Link below and find correct ignition kit number(For example K4527) for your application

Champion Slick Harness with 5/8 Plugs Application Guide (PDF)
Champion Slick Harness with 3/4 Plugs Application Guide (PDF)
Full Slick By Champion Application Guide (PDF)
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The torque values provided on the small flyer provided with the mags for the gear nut is incorrect.

Jeff M
December 11, 2020


Q: Is there a core charge for this Slick kit K4520-40?

Yes, the current core charge will be automatically added to the Shopping Cart when you add this product.

Q: Which spark plugs are included with the Slick kit K452-40, part # 08-07746?

Champion REM40E spark plugs are included with part # 08-07746.

Q: Are Slick models 4771 and 4755 ok as a core return?

Yes, these will be acceptable for a core return.

Q: Are the gaskets and clamps included in Slick K4520-40 kit?

Yes, they are included.

Q: are the impulse couplings included in this price?

Yes, the impulse couplings with come with the magneto.

Q: Will my Unison Slick 4301 mags be accepted as cores?

Yes, Champion will take a Unison 4301 as a core.

Q: Are the Slick 447 acceptable cores ?

No, slick will only accept 4200 and 4300 series cores.

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