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Celebrating Voyager...30 Years Later from Aircraft Spruce
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Celebrating Voyager...30 Years Later

Celebrating Voyager...30 Years Later

On December 23, 1986 at 8:06 am PST aviation history was made when Voyager, designed by Burt Rutan, piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, completing a nine day flight around the world, unrefueled. It was a phenomenal accomplishment which remains unmatched to this day. As the Rutan brothers said, "We told those who said we couldn't do it that we were going to do it anyway"...and they did.

Jim Irwin, Nanci Irwin, and Don Arrington of Aircraft Spruce were in the crowd on that cold December morning as the sun rose on the Mojave desert, and the memories of seeing Voyager appear on the horizon and touch down on the Edward runway are still vivid today. All of the awards and accolades that the Voyager crew received following the record breaking flight, including the Presidential Medal of Achievement presented by Ronald Reagan, were well deserved. It was an honor for Aircraft Spruce to be involved in the project from start to finish as a materials sponsor. We salute everyone involved in the Voyager project on this 30th anniversary of the flight around the world.