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Part# 12-01279
MFR Model# TP105


For internal timing and synchronizing of magnetos to the aircraft engines. Simply attach 3 clips to magnetos and adjust until both bright lights flash in synchrony and the buzzer changes pitch.

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My unit was buzzing when I got it also. All the way from USA to Australia.

Brenton Verified Purchase


July 12, 2021

Product as described. Worked so far no issues.

Andrew P
April 28, 2021

Professional well made product. Just used it on my Bonanza doing an owner assisted annual.

Joseph F
March 31, 2020

quick and well

Isi V
August 19, 2019

When the package ( magneto buzz box)arrived it was audibly buzzing. I guess in shipment the switch was activated. I guess it had been buzzing for 2-3 days. I dont expect to get much more battery life out of it. The case of the timing device is taped shut. Is it difficult to change the battery? Does it take a regular battery?

Carl E
April 26, 2018

Easy to use .

Robert S
October 2, 2017

When I first attempted to use the unit it was dead. The batteries [4 each AA batteries] are located internally. There is no access to the batteries without breaking the Warranty Seals. I broke the seals and voided my warranty so I could use my unit. After re-seating the batteries, the unit worked as designed. The P-lead clips are a bit large and stiff. I had to use some smaller clip leads to attach to the Mag P lead nuts and then connect the smaller clip leads to the larger clips which are on the unit. I am going to replace the clip leads that go to the mags. I shall keep the large clip lead for ground. The price is a bargain.

Nimrod R
July 12, 2018

Also not happy about the 4 AA batteries that you are not allowed to replace because you will void the warranty. I purchased last February but never used it at the time. After 8 months in the hangar I went to use this and I could see white corrosion along the seams. There is no external battery access. In order to inspect the batteries you have to unscrew the main casing where the circuit board is located. So, I decided to open it up (and void the warranty) to discover all 4 batteries had corroded so badly they dripped corrosion all over the circuit board and inner casing, as well as the battery compartment. I think Ive got it working again after using a toothbrush and white vinegar. However the idea of not allowing the user to check the AA batteries and replace if corroded/burnt out is absurd. This is not an ELT or aircraft avionic where someone is going to get hurt. Every other electronic device on the planet lets you check/change the batteries via an external access (so you dont take a chance on damaging the electronics). The fact they dont have this on this unit is just wrong. If the batteries go bad, which they will, you must attempt to send this back to the manufacturer for repair. Except, except.....they do not provide any name/address/contact means to do this! I would never have bought this device if I understood this built-in obsolescence. This is clearly not an aircraft quality device but a cheap Taiwanese knock-off.

Gary W
December 15, 2020

Like the other reviews, mine arrived with the switch in the ON position and of course dead batteries. 4 new AA batteries and it works great. Would be 5 stars except the On/Off switch issue.

Christopher C
October 2, 2020

Timing lights didnt light when they should of. Appears batteries weak but didnt change due to voiding warranty. Returned item for refund.

Joseph M
February 5, 2021


Q: What are the dimensions of this Magneto Timing Light, part # 12-01279 (TP105)?

The dimensions are 6" x 3.5" x 2".

Q: What batteries does this Magneto Timing Light - US Industrial Equivalent use? AA or 9 volt?

It uses a 9V alkaline battery.

Q: Q: What batteries does this Magneto Timing Light - US Industrial Equivalent use? AA or 9 volt?

This timing light uses 4 AA batteries.

Q: Where is this device manufactured?

Made in Taiwan.

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