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Aron Flying Ship Ltd
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Company: Aron Flying Ship Ltd
Representatives: Bella Kim
General Information: Aron Flying Ship Ltd. has been utilizing its expertise on research and development of WIG (Wing-In-Ground Effect) crafts for the past 13 years to deliver the "next generation of green transport". We are the world’s first company to produce and commercialize "B-Type" WIG craft, and our customers range from governments and military branches to commercial operators all over the globe. Being a leader in the industry, Aron Flying Ship Ltd. has always strived to provide our customers with cutting edge technology. To do this, Aron Flying Ship Ltd. has relied on the best aircraft and avionics supplier in the world, Aircraft Spruce.

Aron is proud to be a preferred dealer for Aircraft Spruce, and will work hard in being able to extend the excellence of the company to the international market.

Location: C&S Building 130-9
Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku
Seoul, Republic of Korea 135-875

R&D Center: 63 Onjeong 1 gil, Yonghyeon-myeon, Sacheon, Geyongsangsam-do, Korea 52538
Phone: +827070110224
Fax: +82558346776
Email: cy.kim@aron.co.kr
Website: www.aron.co.kr

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Company: C&S AMT LTD
Representatives: Woo Chul Choi
General Information: C&S Aero Marine Technology incorporated in South Korea has been delivering its know-how on research and development on WIG (Wing-In-Ground Effect) crafts for the past 10 years. With its capabilities and efforts C&S AMT has become the newly appointed Aircraft Spruce South Korea representative to become an advanced technological leader in the market and throughout the world.

With its technological capabilities, led by distinguished professionals, and being the representative of the leading aircraft parts supplier, Aircraft Spruce, its goal is to become the worldwide hub.
Location: Office: C&S Building 130-9, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Republic of Korea - 135-875
R&D Center: 923-6 Gumuncheon-ri, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea -445-922
Phone: (+82) 070-7011-1240
Fax: (+82) 2-568-5588
Email: kinggum@cnssecurity.com
Website: www.cnsamt.com

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Korea Pilot School
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Company: Korea Pilot School
Representatives: Young-tae Song
General Information: Korea pilot school incorporated in South Korea has been training more than two hundred pilots for the past 3 years with lots of CESSNA172S, SOCATA TB9, PIPER SEMINOLE. Its goal is to become a one of the best pilot school in the world.
Basement A, Bang HWA-Dong 712-1
Gang Seo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: (+82) 2-2667-0015
Fax: (+82) 2-2667-0016
Email: songyt@korea.com
Website: www.pilotschool.co.kr

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Shin Young Heavy Industries
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Company: Shin Young Heavy Industries
General Information:
Location: 332-6, NABUL-RI
Youngam 526-890 Junranam-Do
South Korea
Phone: +82-61-462-3700
Fax: +82-61-462-3709
Email: ycchoi@syhico.com

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SOC Aviation
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Company: SOC Aviation
Representatives: Eunhoi kim
General Information:
Location: Hanseo University Taean-Airport, HABI 3rd 108. 205, 206Ho
105 San Sinon-ri, Nam-myun, Taean-gun,
Chungcheongnam-do, KOREA. 357-953
Phone: +82-41-675-5058.
Fax: +82-505-258-0058
Email: soc@socaviation.com
Website: http://www.socaviation.com

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