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Air Hart Aircraft CC
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Company: Air Hart Aircraft CC
General Information:
Location: East London Airport
East London
P.O. BOX 5071
RSA South Africa
Phone: 274-373-1663
Fax: 01127437361647

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Belaire Aviation
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Company: Belaire Aviation
Representatives: Nikola Puhaca
General Information: Belaire Aviation based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of the major suppliers of aircraft parts and aviation equipment in its field, as well as representing a number of foreign airlines, brokers, and engineering companies involved in the maintenance and renovations of aircrafts. Managed by Mr. Nikola Puhača, who graduated as a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer, Belaire Aviation is more than a trading company; it is a consulting company. We will offer you the most competitive prices on the market as we go the extra mile in order to achieve the best prices for our clients. At Belaire Aviation, we are well positioned and trained to assist aviation companies in reaching the best decision possible.

Location: Johannesburg International Airport,
Terminal 1, Lower Roof Office Block, Suite WL18,
Republic of South Africa
Phone: +27 11 3903561
Fax: +27 11 3901738

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Comet Aviation Supplies
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Company: Comet Aviation Supplies
Representatives: Niren Chotoki
General Information: Rotax Aircraft Engines & Parts
Polyfiber & Ceconite Covering materials
Pilot & Training Supplies
GPS & Transceivers
Headsets and Intercoms
Oxygen systems
Strobe Lights
and much much more
Location: Terminal Building
Rand Airport
Germiston 1401
Phone: 011 824 3368

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Dart Aeronautical
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Company: Dart Aeronautical
Representatives: Pieter Vilijoen
General Information:
Location: Site 86, First Floor
Germiston 1419 Johannesburg
South Africa
Phone: 011-27118278204
Fax: 011-27118243870

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Infinity Aviation
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Company: Infinity Aviation
Representatives: Hennie Viljoen
General Information: Welcome to Infinity Aviation. Established in 2009, Infinity Aviation has grown to be one of the major contributors in the South African General Aviation product supply market. The company was started due to a need for a quick turnaround time on delivery of your, our valued customer’s orders, and delivery of orders COMPLETE, as far as possible. We are a young, vibrant and driven team, yet a team with years of experience in the General Aviation parts supply industry. A Team who are willing to put in the extra effort and efficient service that is lacking in so many companies of today. With this experience and knowledge, we have streamlined an efficient parts supply chain network to cater for the Aviation enthusiast, from engine overhaul facilities who strive on absolute perfection in their workmanship to the passionate pilot who was born to fly, we at Infinity Aviation cater for your every need. With these qualities in mind our company slogan ‘THE SKY IS NO LIMIT’ was created and its clear definition is held close to our hearts. Every attention to detail has gone into refining channels of distribution and strong links created with our freight forwarders to ensure these promised service levels. We at Infinity Aviation don’t just set goals, we achieve them by providing you, our valued customer, with the best service possible and at competitive pricing. Over the past number of years Infinity Aviation has set up a large and continuously growing parts supply network in order to fulfil your orders in the most timeous manner possible meaning you will no longer wait the 2-3 weeks for delivery that you are accustomed to.

With Infinity Aviation, The Sky really is NO Limit!

We supply the following Aircraft Products

  • Engine Spares & Components

  • Airframe

  • Pilot Supplies & Communications

  • Avionics & Instrumentation

  • Aircraft Hardware

  • Ground Support & Tools

  • Engines

  • Aircraft Kits

Location: Suite 5, 100 Monument Road, Kempton Park, 1619, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 394 2262
Fax: +27 11 394 6255

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Multi Aircraft Services
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Company: Multi Aircraft Services
Representatives: Sandro Strimer
General Information: Multi Aircraft Services CC is based at Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, South Africa.

The company offers the following services:
• Servicing of light aircraft.
• Assembly of aircraft.
• Refurbishing of aircraft.
• Rebuilding of aircraft.
• Importation of aircraft spares.
• Importation of aircraft.
• Research and Development on aircraft.
• Sale of aircraft.

The main member of the company Sandro Strimer is a qualified Aircraft Engineer, registered with the Department of Civil Aviation, with 34 years experience in the field. He is also a qualified pilot and is proficient to fly light aircraft as well as helicopters.
Location: PO BOX 81954
Doornpoort 0017
South Africa
Phone: 271-828-932726
Fax: 01127125674366

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Placo Ltd
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Company: Placo Ltd
Representatives: Jeffery A. Earle
General Information: Placo is the oldest Piper distributor in the world. Specialists in new and pre-owned aircraft and we also sell other types. Placo assists aircraft purchasers with reputable tax and other consulting and gives guidance on the introduction and route monitoring to customers. Placo willingly assists in the acquiring of the correct aircraft or aviation related product to suit their client requirements.
Location: Hangar 12
Rand Airport
Germiston, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 827 9301
Fax: +27 11 824 3661

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Sharman Enterprises, Inc.
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Company: Sharman Enterprises, Inc.
Representatives: Jeffrey L. Sharman A&P IA
General Information: Sharman Enterprises, Inc. located in Northern California
has been exporting aircraft, engines, propellers and parts to South Africa since 1991. They will receive your orders from suppliers in the USA and will deliver your freight to South Africa, by sea freight, in the containers that leave every month. Parts from Aircraft Spruce may be purchased without expensive shipping. Payment may be made in South Africa thus avoiding forex fees. The company is manned by experienced, fully licensed personnel.
Location: 262 Silver Eagle Way
Vacaville, CA 95688
Phone: +11 707-448-1103
Fax: +11 707-448-1114

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