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MSW Aviation AG
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Company: MSW Aviation AG
General Information:
Location: Rigackerstr 24
5610 Wohlen
Phone: 41-566221807
Fax: 41-566110055
Email: max.vogelsang@Bluewin.ch

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Star Company
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Company: Star Company
General Information: SMX srl (StarCompany) is a specialized supplier of Avionic instruments in Europe. We work with the largest firms in Europe, and have a valued reputation in the industry for over 18 years. We represent many companies within in the Europe market. We have a specific catalog of avionics products, we have an ecommerce website with selling on-line, with fast delivery in 24/48 hours throughout Italy.

Our company has over 1000 items always in stock.
Location: Aviation Technology sagl
Via Rampiga 1
6917 Lugano Barbengo
Phone: +41 (0) 76 682 70 65
Email: starcompanysagl@gmail.com
Website: star-company.net

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