Aircraft Spruce Ukraine | SOFTEX AERO aerospace company
Aircraft Spruce Ukraine
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Company: Aircraft Spruce Ukraine
Representatives: Illiya Rizvash
General Information: The company "Aircraft Spruce Ukraine" is the official dealer of well-known provider of aviation " Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company".

From stock in Kiev or with delivery all over Ukraine you can get the basic components and tools for the aircraft and the different products for pilots. In addition, you can order any products from the catalog " Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company".
Location: 4 Ivana Lepse Blvd, Kiev, 03680 Ukraine
Phone: +38 (050) 294 18 18
Fax: +38 (044) 383 25 12

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SOFTEX AERO aerospace company
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Company: SOFTEX AERO aerospace company
Representatives: Alexander Lavrinenko
General Information: SOFTEX AERO is one of the largest aircraft industrial companies with complete cycle of production in Ukraine. Manufacturing area of the factory is 3500 sq. meters with more then 140 emloyees with a grate practical experience gained at such Ukrainian plants as ANTONOV ASTC, AVIANT factory, KSAMK.
Currently we are developing 2-engine light multipurpose 4-seater aircraft and 5-seater light multipurpose helicopter with the gas-turbine engine.
Location: SOFTEX AERO aerospace company
148 Kievskaya str, Brovary,
Kiev region, 07400 Ukraine
Phone: +38 067 177 2137
Fax: +38 044 579 9066

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