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Thermo-Guard FR 1-Sided 48" x 72" 08-01028 $51.95
Thermo-Guard FR 2-Sided 48" x 72" 08-01029 $72.75
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Thermo-Guard FR offers the best in heat and sound insulation. This lightweight, durable shield does everything: reduces sound, absorbs vibration, protects from radiant heat and provides an extra layer of insulating padding.

These products feature 100% synthetic fiber felt that provides sound and comfort control and high-tech foil heat barrier that blocks more than 90% of radiant heat. Being only 1/4" thick, Thermo Guard FR provides a very high level of performance with minimal thickness. Thermo Guard FR is very easy to apply - it can be trimmed to fit anywhere.
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Product was as promised, quality and price was good

Kevin D
March 27, 2020


Q: For the Thermo Guard FR insulating mat with foil on one side only, if you apply it to the cabin side of the firewall, should you attach it foil side to the firewall or non foil side?

Per the manufacturer, you would attach the non foil side to the firewall.

Q: Does the Thermo-guard FR have a self-adhering side which adheres to the cabin's firewall?

No, this does NOT have a self-adhering side. One side is the foil and the other side is the fabric.

Q: What is thickness of the Thermo-Guard FR?

This material is approximately 1/8" thickness.

Q: Can the Thermo-Guard FR product be used on the engine side of the firewall?

Per the supplier: Yes it can. You would want to point the foil side towards the engine.

Q: Is this product FAA approved?

Per the supplier: No, this product is not FAA Approved.

Q: What adhesive do you sell to use to apply this Thermo-Guard FR to my firewall?

Most hi-temp adhesives, like part # 08-01026 would work.

Q: Whats the weight of this per square foot?

.34 lbs per sq foot.

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