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Part# 11-08419
MFR Model# WW


WIG-WAG circuit and a DPDT center off switch to operate 1 or 2 LED LTRs in a wig-wag mode. It will switch power to lights with a maximum of 3 amps each.

Note: Intended for use on experimental aircraft only.


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The wig/wag relay is OK, but the crummy, el-cheapo switch that comes with it shouldnt be in an aircraft. I spent many hours chasing a horrendous electical noise, only to find that the switch was the culprit. Use the relay with a proper 3-way switch and youll be OK.

Bent E
October 18, 2019


Q: Will this handle two 75 watt bulbs?

Per the manufacturer, as long as the lights do not exceed 3 amps it will be ok.

Q: I ordered two Whelen LED landing lights part # 11-08294. Will this switch work on those lights?

Per the supplier: Our Wig Wag circuit will power any LED light that draws 3 Amps or less.

Q: Will this Kuntzleman Wig Wag system work with HID lights?

Per the supplier: It all depends on how much power the lights draw in Amps. Our Wig Wag circuit will power any LED light that draws 3 Amps or less.

Q: How many watts is 3 amps? I am building a Pietenpol and the lights are 100W and 75W. Will this wig wag work?

Per the supplier: 3 amps at 12 volts is 36 Watts. Our wig wag is made for our landing-taxi-recognition LED light (part # 11-06854), or any other LED light drawing less than 3 amps. Our LTR LED puts out more light that your 100 watt bulb but draws only 1.5 amps or 18 watts. Your 100 watt bulb draws 5.5 amps and the 75 watt bulb draws 4.17 amps, so no, it will not work for your application.

Q: What is the wig-wag pulse rate?

Per the mfg. The wig-wag will flash the strobes 31-33 times a minute.

Q: Will this Kuntzleman Wig Wag system work in a 24v system?

No, 12v only.

Q: What are the dimensions of this Kuntzleman LED wig wag module?

3" x 1-1/2" x 1/2"

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