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Part# 09-05359
MFR Model# PW-005


These Passenger Warnings must be displayed in the cockpit of all amateur-built aircraft. Verbiage complies with the latest FAA requirements. "Passenger Warning - This aircraft does not comply with federal safety regulations for standard aircraft".

This vinyl placard has brilliant red lettering on a white background. Simply remove the paper backing and apply.
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Exact same experience as the above posters. I followed the instructions to the letter. Cleaned my powder-coated panel with isopropyl alcohol. I also tried pre-heating the panel with a hair-dryer as per the instructions. No joy. If only you could obtain sets like this (white on clear) made out of die-cut vinyl

August 12, 2017

I had the exact same experience as described in the previous review by James Porter. Wish I had read it before I ordered this product.

John N
June 27, 2017

Warning, I misread that it was a sticker. I purchased the black label and it is a transfer label that I could not get to stick. It might work well in another application, but not in mine.

February 23, 2017

This reminds me of the transfer stickers that didnt work when I was a kid. I now know that my youth and inexperience then was not the reason these dont work. Save the $2 plus postage. DONT BUY THIS. I dont think it is possible to transfer this onto a panel with perfect results. Entire words did not transfer. Most had either missing portions of letters or entire letters fail to transfer. Once you scratch the plastic face, the plastic deforms and curls and it is not possible to keep the label in position to re-do any missing pieces. The only positive part of this experience is that once I found this would not work, I cleaned the label from the panel easily using painters tape to remove what remained. Very easy clean-up because this will not stick.

James P
October 20, 2016


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