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Part# 05-01179


Adjustable plastic ventilators for use as fresh air intakes or air exhausts. Easily installed in plastic windshield or metal cowling.

Model CC3251: Mounts 3-1/4” diameter opening. Rotates to provide any degree of ventilation. Retracts to a closed position nearly flush with the mounting surface.
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Nice addition to my fox

William T
August 8, 2019

3rd order,using these in my utv . needed more air movement

Allen B
June 9, 2019

Use this in my center console boat with a full windshield. Works great when it rains, but there is no air movement behind it. The windshield thickness was greater than the notch for the snapvent, so had to increase it with a dremel tool. Works very well and can close them when it rains. Well worth the price!

Albert L
August 28, 2018

Works very well. I made a test hole in a piece of scrap sheet metal first. The instructions which came with it were not complete. I had to go to the website to get the complete instructions . Went very well.

Eugene B
May 1, 2018

Great product - Forced air into the cock pit making the area cooler and more comfortable for long flights. Aircraft Spruce gave excellent service and fast delivery.

Craig V
March 15, 2018

I installed the vents in my doors using the recommended hole saw after sanding the edges with sandpaper they snapped right into place very satisfied with them

July 30, 2017

Just installed in the flat side windows of my Murphy Rebel Elite, they seem to move a lot of air. Easy to sand too much after the hole saw cut and end up with a too loose fit. Instructions sparse from ACS or Snap Fit website. I would buy again though.

Alan R
May 12, 2018

These seem to be very sensitive as to the hole size in which they are installed. I cut sample holes in the same window material using an adjustable circle cutter in drill press at very low speed. After snapping the vent in place, I suggest letting it rest for a while before deciding about the fit. The vents seem to take some time to fully relax back to their shape. So far, I have made only one flight with the vents in low speed craft. (Cub) Overall, very happy with the result.

Frank M
March 10, 2017


Q: Are there installation instructions available for these SnapVents?

Yes, we have added a PDF to the "Documents" tab of this web page with the installation instructions.

Q: Is mounting hardware provided with these vents?

There is no mounting hardware required for installation of these snap vents. In the box there is only the pair of vents along with installation instructions. A copy of the install instructions can be found in PDF form in the "Documents" tab of this web page.

Q: What thickness windshield is this Snapvent CC3251 designed for?

This vent an be used with up to 7/32" thick windows.

Q: Would just like to confirm if price shown for the Snapvents is for a pair?

Yes, these are priced and sold in pairs.

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