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Bezel Size:
2 Inch3 Inch
Pitch Sync:
Pitch SyncNo Pitch Sync
0 Degrees8 DegreesCustom Tilt: 0-90 Degrees
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The RCA2610 is the updated version of the popular RCA2600 Electric Digital Attitude Indicator. It is the perfect companion to the RCA1510 Digital Heading Indicator. This version has the same form, fit, and function as the original but has dual processors, improved screen resolution and updated software. The optional Pitch Sync feature allows pilots to instantly synchronize the airplane symbol to the horizon line when flying in a pitch up or pitch down attitude.

The RCA2610-G version comes without the Pitch Sync feature and functions like the original model with the brightness controls only.

The RCA2610 is designed to handle the high vibration environment found on helicopters and yet, their light weight makes them perfect for soaring. This makes the RCA2610 the most versatile and dependable Digital AI on the market today. With no moving parts to wear out, this instrument will provide years of reliable service - that’s why it includes a full two-year warranty!

All RCA2610 models can be ordered with an optional slip indicator (inclinometer) which satisfies FAA AC 91-75 for even greater versatility.

The panel tilt angle can be set from 0 to 90 degrees in one degree increments, but must be specified at time of order.

Made in the USA


  • Fast Dual Processors
  • Pitch Sync Feature
  • Sharp Anti-Aliased Screen
  • Black Anodized Bezel
  • Fast Response in Roll & Pitch
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Multi-volt plug & fly
  • Lighter weight
  • FAA/EASA Certified


  • Operating Voltage: 9 to 32VDDC
  • Starting Current: 9VDC: 0.18 to 0.22 AMPS MAX
  • Running Current: (14VDC system) 0.20 AMPs MAX, (28VDC system) 0.18 AMPs MAXa
  • Circuit Breaker Size: 2AMP
  • Settling Error: 1 Degree Maximum in Roll and Pitch
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30º to +50º C
  • Dimensions: Please see specifications document.
  • FAA Specification Conformance: TSO-C4c, TSO-C113a, DO-160F & DO-178B
  • EASA Specification Conformance: ETSO-C4c and ETSO-C113a
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Works fine but look at the picture, no slip ball so I bought an external one for $149 and when I turned it on it has a digital one. $149 wasted

Dave C
February 8, 2020

Added the RCA 2610 to my Piper and I love it! Its easy to get used to, it reliable, and accurate. The installation was easy, adding the back up ESP took a little time to find a great location but worth the time. I only wish that RC Allen charged a little less for the unit, but it is a great competitor to the G5 and if you want is the AI then there is no reason for adding all of the extra work for the G5. Now my next upgrade will be the RC Allen HI.

May 13, 2018

I give it 5 stars, but I havent flown with it yet. The installation was straight forward (with an A&P, of course). The only change I had to make was the circuit breaker switch. The old was 5 amps and we installed a 2 amp as called for in the instructions. The only down side is the cost. Not worth the extra thats added on because its certified.

March 24, 2018

So far it is nice. Replaced our turn coordinator with the RC2610. Screen space is a bit smaller than traditional AI but outstanding backup to a Vacuum AI. Only issue we had was, the tilt. We thought tilt was the amount of adjustment you can get with the up down arrows. It is not. It is for someone with a panel that is tilted 8 degrees. (Not sure who has that). No applicability list that recommends proper AI for your aircraft. Asked Aircraft Spruce for swap but they are not able to be cause we placed it in the panel. We were advised to sell on e-bay. We called RC Allen and they are going to adjust ours to zero tilt for additional $200. Expensive mistake on our part but at least a better solution than eating the price of a new one or the loss of value by selling on E-Bay. So it works nice but, be careful which unit you buy. It is yours period.

Richard S
January 14, 2019

It gets 2 stars because it looks good....What a rip-off otherwise. 2 year warranty....? Wow! I paid for that warranty up front...Should be a free replacement...

Vern S
October 1, 2019


Q: What type of wire does the RCA 2610 attitude indicator require?

20 GA to 22 GA wire is recommended to use.

Q: Do you have a model that can interface with a Piper Autocontrol lll?

Unfortunately no items in this line can drive an autopilot system.

Q: Can this unit be installed as primary AI? I see that is TSO approved, but the description is not specific on this.

Yes, this RCA 2610 series instrument is designed to be used as a primary attitude indicator.

Q: Is the electrical plug supplied in the RCA 2610 attitude indicator box?

Yes. The RCA 2610 comes with a mating connector.

Q: Is a battery backup required with the RCA 2610 attitude indicators?

Yes. A battery backup is required per the manufacturer.

Q: Does Part # 10-06437 have an internal battery backup?

Part # 10-06437 does not have an internal battery backup. Per Manufacturer Rev A.

Q: Can the RC2610 replace both the artificial horizon and slip and skid indicator? This would eliminate the need of my venturi vacuum system.

The RC-2610 can replace the artificial horizon the slip and skid indicator can be ordered as an optional feature PART # 10-03862.

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